Chapter 12

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Natalia POV:

I can see Ross holding back his tears as we pull into the driveway. I'm holding his hand stoking it. He's trying so to be brave.

When we pull up, we got out and Ross drags me into his room. I shut his door and he flops on his bed and breaks down crying.

Tear just stream down his face and I let him hug me as tight as he wants.

"It's alright, Ross." I say trying to comfort him.

He just continues crying for a good twenty minuets. After, he looks up at me with his bloodshot eye and says, "I don't want surgery!"

I hug him and say, "Ross, I've had about eight surgeries at UCLA. And the doctors here are ten times better than where I had surgery. You'll be fine. I promise."

He looks at me and asks, "Really! Where???"

I sigh and take off my glasses, I've had four eye surgeries because I was born with a druppy eyelid and about four teeth surgeries." I say.

His eye basically pop out of his head and says, "Wow, I never knew that you were brave!"

"What?" I ask confused.

He looks directly into my eyes and says, "I'm here crying like a little baby because of one little surgery. Yet your sitting here and you had eight surgeries. Your not saying a word or making me feel bad."

I smile and a say, "I would never ever hurt you, Ross!"

He leans over so our foreheads meet and says, "I would never in a million year hurt you ever!"

"Good!" I say leaning into his kiss.

Our lips meet and the butterflies in my stomach explode. We lay there kissing until we're both breathless.

We pull away from each other and we both smile.

I take his hand and jump out off his bed.

"Come on Ross, let's go tell your sister and brothers about your thoat." I say pulling him.

He get up and follows me downstairs into the basement.

"Ross!!! What happened at the doctors???" Rydel says coming over seeing Ross's bloodshot eyes.

"I have nodules and I have to get surgery in a week to get the removed." He says look down at his feet.

Rydel hugs him and says, "Oh My Gosh, Ross.... I'm so sorry!"

"Thx!" He says still looking at his feet.

We walk into the practice room and Rocky it's trying to cook his silly putty with light.

"Ross what happened dude?" Rocky says walking over to Ross.

Ross squeezed my hand saying, "Guys, I need surgery to fix my throat."

All of there heads whip around and said, "What?"

Ross looks at his feet.

I say, "Yeah, he over worked his voice singing and got nodules on his vocal chords. So next week their operating on him to take them out."

I look up at him and he mouths "Thx" to me. He leans down and kisses me short and sweetly.

"Well at least your voice will be better after it's over, bro." Riker says hugging Ross.

"Thx." He says.

Everyone all takes a turn hugging Ross and saying sorry to Ross.

After everyone went upstairs, Ross sits down on one of the couches. I sit beside him and he lays down putting his ahead on my lap.

He smile at me and says, "Your Beautiful."

"No, but thank you." I say.

"Uh yes and your welcome." he says

I smile and run my fingers through his hair making it stand up staight.

He looks up at me and watches me as I play with his hair.

We stay like that for a while. It's quiet but it's not an awkward silence tho.

I look up at clock on my phone and it's three o'clock. I yawn and Ross sits up.

"Are you tired, babe?" He asked.

I nod yawning. I put my head on his shoulder and close my eyes.

I can see that he's worried about his voice, so I say, "Ross, your voice will be fine. Just relax."

He sighs and says, "Ok, I'll have faith in the doctors."

I smile and say, "I bet I can beat you at Battlefield!"

"Ummm... That's my favorite game so your on!" He says with a silly smile.

He hands me a remove and he keeps one.

He presses start and we start playing. Ross and I are supposed to to be on the same team but after like ten minuets of running around, I started shooting Ross's guy in the back you his head.

"Hey! Why did you do that? We are on the same team." He says.

I get a devilish look and say, "Well, too bad. I got bored."

That's when Ross and I started having a shootout. When I got killed, I ave Ross a dirty look.

"Love you!" He says looking over at me.

I stick my tongue out at him and I wait for a new game.

Riker, Ratilff, Rocky, and Ryland come downstairs as soon as the new round starts.

They look at up and Riker says, "Ummm... You guys know that your supposed to working together?"

"Yeah, we were but she got bored and started shooting me." Ross says.

As soon as those words left his mouth, I killed his character in the game.

All the guys cheered for me and I say, "What's the big deal?"

Rocky comes over to me and says, "The big deal is Ross's GIRLFRIEND just beat him at his favorite game!"

We all laugh and this continues for another hour or so until Alexis walks downstairs.

"ALEXIS!" Riker says jumping up and wrapping her in a titanic hug.

"Hi Riker! Breathing would be good. You know..." Alexis says.

His face turns red and says, "Oh, yeah..."

They walk upstairs and I hand my remote to Ratliff.

I sit there watching then and listening to their commentary. Once Ross hands his remote to Ryland, he puts his arm around me.

I look at the time and it's eleven at night.

"Ross, I'm going to go to bed ok?" I say tiredly yawning.

"Okay, see you in the morning, babe." He says lightly pecking my lips.

I walked upstairs to Mine and Rydel's bedroom. Rydel is already asleep, so I get into my PJ's and climbed into my bed. I fell into a dreamless sleep.

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