Chapter three

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Azaria was settled into a armchair, hands clenching the plush arm rests when Mira led tgem into the parlour.

" Thank you Mira.  You may go." She waved dismissively.

" Yes Mistress. " she responded dully and shut the door behind her.

Azaria could literally taste the tension in the room and ignoring the tempting scent, gestured for them to sit.

" I heard you were looking for me." She stated,  emotionless.

" We need your help." Blurted Renee.

" I believe I made my stand on that subject quite clear. " she stated, face blank and voice chilled.

" You think I want your help?  I dont have a choice." Hissed her father, fury sparkong in his amber eyes, eyes so like her own.

" Regardless, nothing has changed. Or has it?" She murmered quietly, disinterest apparent on her aristcratic features.

He flinched and dropped his gaze.

" Azaria, please just hear us out. If you don't help us, Athran will kill us." Pleaded Renee.

Azar froze, " Athran?" She whispered tensely.

" Yes, he's the vampire who's trying to kill hunters." Replied a confused Renee.

" Do you know him?"  Questioned Blake , suspiciously.

" That doesn't concern you." She awsered hollowly. Mira.

" Yes Mistress? " chimed the blonde, startling everyone with her sudden apperance.

" I think I will take your previous offer."

With a conspirators smile and a tiny bow, she produced a glass filled with thick amber liquid.

Taking it, she toasted to her guests repulsed faces and downed it in one swallow.

" Mira, you know what to do." She ordered unbruptly.

" I take it you are going to assist them?" Mira asked, quietly, retreiveing the empty glass.

" You already know the anwser."

With a tiny giggle, the odd girl vanished again.

" You're going to assist us?" Asked her mother, hope shining in her eyes.

" Don't look at me like that, I have my own reasons that don't concern you." She murmered,  eyes flashing.

" I still don't trust you vampire." Spat Blake.

" Don't worry,  I dont eat junk food." She replied with a grim smile.


Azaria stood on the balcony , a light breeze threadong through het long raven hair.

" Mira, keep an eye on them will you ?"

" Haven't I always? " Mira chimed and cast a concerned glance at Azar before vanishing.

Oblivious,  she frowned in thought.
Athran... is alive....

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