chapter 12

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(Cyrstals P.O.V)

Today is monday . Time for school. Well i grabed my back back said good bue to golden and went to school. Time for music. Music was my favorite class cause it was easy. I grab my flute and start praicticeing number 78 the reward song when these girl come up to me . "Hey my name is flare whats yours. I am new here ."she said."hi my name is cyrstal. Since your new here we can be freinds."i said ."thanks i have a feelling i am really going to like you."she said. I thrn started playing it again.

(La magic time skip to after school)

I walk home with no home work cause i did it all. When u do come home i start working on a skin. I end up making a girl that is my style not girly and yeah. My phone then went off . It said new text message from dad."cyrstal come out side to the car it is across. We are going to get ice cream."i shut off my computer and go out side . Then when i cross the street bam a car hits me and everthing goes black.

(Adams P.O.V)

OMG she got ran over i go pick her up take her to the house and call 911. Seto saw me and ran ober to cyrstal. The ambulence cane and took her away.

(One week later)

They said we can see her seto, ian,and i went first. The sight was unbearable . Wires everwhere all of the attached to her and machines . It was so sadi start crying . Then i see her eyes open. "Daddy where am i." She said "cyrstal your ok." I rush over to her and start crying next to her. Seto is calling the doctors. They come and tell us to get out.

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