~Austin's P.O.V.~

We're back on the bus. We got back from DisneyWorld an hour ago and Becky's asleep.

"So, if I heard right, you and Becky are on your own bus because she's pregnant?" Henry asks.

"Uh, yeah. But I don't think she wants everyone to know." I answer.

"That's fine." Henry nods, letting the subject drop. I go to the bedroom and see Becky fast asleep on her bed. I guess it's a good thing she had candy. She tires herself out then sleeps the rest of the way. I sit down on my bed and open Twitter. I quickly take a pic of Becky sleeping then caption it 'Tired @iamBeckyG? U seemed awake at DisneyWorld.' I post it and instantly get comments and favorites. It's like these people stalk me.

~Becky's P.O.V.~

"No! No please! Not again." I cry as Jacob grabs me and pulls me up off the ground.

"Why not? You were so good last night." he smirks. I keep crying as he pulls me up against his chest. "And if you scream, I will hurt you even more." I keep crying and try not to scream.

"Becky!" Austin says, shaking me awake. I jolt upright and look around. I'm on the bus. Not with Jacob. Jacob's dead. Austin killed him. I tell myself. "Becky, are you alright?"

"N-No." I shake. I feel Austin wrap his arms around me and am pulled onto his lap. I can feel tears still falling down my face as I bury my head in Austin's shirt.

"What happened?" he asks.

"Bad dream." I say quietly. "But the worst thing is, it wasn't a dream." he wraps his arms even tighter around me and I stay with him until I recover.

"We'll be at our destination in two hours. Let's go out to the main room." Austin tells me. I nod and get off his lap. I keep my hand in his as we walk to the main room. We sit on the couch and Austin turns on the t.v.


When we arrive at the concert building, I feel much better and ready to perform. Sometimes I surprise myself with how quick I can recover from a nightmare. It's kinda weird.

"Alright, the order of performing will be the same for the entire tour. It'll be Becky, 5th Harmony, Austin Mahone, and then 5SOS. We need to do a sound check and a run through before you can have a two hour break." Rocco announced. We did our run through of the show and a sound check in three hours. It was really quick. One song then the next. The actual show is supposed to be four hours long with the whole thing. When we finished, we were allowed to do whatever we wanted as long as we were backstage with half an hour before the show.

"What do you wanna do?" Austin asked as we made our way to the bus.

"I dunno." I shrug.

"When's your first ultrasound?" Austin asks.

"Um, I think Lila said it would be next week when we're in Baltimore. She set up the appointments ahead of time." I answer.

"Alrighty." Austin nods.

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