I know it's another Belle and I'm sorry, I'm trying to be fair but I promise more characters are coming as the plots starting to wind up.

Belle POV

"Yes?" I asked, unsure of who the stranger in front of me was. Adam never mentioned anyone?

The young man smiled warmly. "Ah well it is so nice to meet you madamoisel. Don't be shy, come on in. I'm Lumier by the way." He stepped to the side, urging me inside.

I hesitantly stepped inside the massive hall and he shut the door behind me. He was tall, but no more than half a foot taller than me. His brown hair was longer and slicked back into a ponytail, allowing a glimpse at his sparkling eyes. The boy was practically radiating with energy.

"Lumier? You must be of French blood I presume?" I asked.

"Oui! My relatives actually live in France. I'm just visiting America for a few weeks to see some friends before I'm shipped back. Adam is actually my cousin," he explained, motioning me to follow him down the hall. I followed slowly, unsure of where he was taking me. I still wasn't quite familiar with my way around.

Lumier noticed I fell back and stopped to look at me. "Oh, please forgive me. I forgot you haven't been here much. Would you like a tour?" He asked, flashing a smile with radiant white teeth. His accent was so strong it was almost hard to distinguish what he was saying. I nodded in relief.

"Right this way madamoisel."

A followed his thin figure down the hall and into the kitchen Mrs Potts hosted dinner for my father and I. He pointed out the chandelier sparkling above and the unique swirls of the wallpaper surrounding the beautifully decorated room. He briefly showed me the back kitchen, which was enormous, before shoving me out and down yet another long hall.

"So are you enjoying America?" I asked, trying to break the ice a bit. He seemed outgoing but we had been walking silently down the hall since we left the kitchen.

He grinned. "Oh quite much. The food isn't quite as exemplary as seen in France, but the culture makes for a nice change," he chirped before dashing aside and flinging open another door.

We spent nearly an hour exploring the east side of the house, and that was just the east side. I asked him about the west side, which included the hall I walked down to find Adam the night of the dinner, but Lumier fell silent and his remarks were short so I let the topic drop knowing I wasn't going to get a tour of that side.

We were retreating down the hall that led back to the kitchen when he spoke again. Mostly his words were narrations of the house's interior, but this time he proposed small talk.

"So Belle, how did you meet Adam? He is quite the personality no?" Lumier chuckled to himself. His eyes stared off distantly down the hall. He must be recalling an old shared memory of Adam.

"I met him this year at school. He can be quite...," I trailed off.


I pursed my lips in thought. "Not exactly the word I was looking for," I laughed lightly.

He could be a little rough around the edges sometimes though. Adam was distant and easily frustrated. He had temper issues which would explain his normally quiet and reserved nature.

"Close enough," Lumier chuckled. He held the door to the kitchen open for me and followed me in. "I'm afraid I must be departing now. My plane leaves for Florida in two hours. I have some more relatives I must see before going back to France. it was a pleasure to meet you Belle." He bowed politely, arousing a laugh to escape my lips.

I returned a curtsy, ducking my head to hide my smile. "You too monsieur. Thanks again for showing me around. Adam is lucky to have such a well-mannered cousin."

"That he is!" He exclaimed before striding down the hall happily, waving goodbye. "Goodbye Belle!"

"Goodbye! Have fun with the rest of your trip!"

It was only when he was gone that I realized he hadn't mentioned anything about Adam or where to find him. Mrs Potts must be away in town but where was Adam? He knew I was coming over this afternoon. What a nice host.

I sighed, trailing my hand lightly across the beautiful wooden table. I could always go look for him.

Before I knew it, my feet were leading me down the west hall. memories swirled at the edge, reminding me of the last time I was here. Adam couldn't ignore me forever.

The hall was dark and the sound of my footsteps on the soft carpet were the only sound as I wondered around. A few doors were dispersed across the hall, but none caught my attention. I hesitated at the door Adam found me by last time. Is that his room? No, Adam wouldn't be that out in the open. Suddenly a flicker of light bounced off the wall, revealing the jutted wall of another hall. It was just barely noticeable from a ways away.

I turned the corner and found that this hallway was small with stairs that flattened out not too long after they started. Resting one hand against the wall to keep me steady, my fingers ran across the wall and suddenly were pricked by a sharp cut. Looking closer, I noticed the wall was scratched, as if someone had taken a knife and carved from it.

Pushing my doubts away, I continued up the stairs. At the top, a little ways down the small hall, was a door. It was made of dark wood and towered high across the archway of the hall. The handle was polished brass, crying out as if to say "open me!"

I inhaled deeply. This had Adam written all over it. He would be displeased if he found me back here but surely he wouldn't want me wondering around his house by myself either? What was the worst that could happen?

My hand closed around the handle, the touch of the cool metal shocking me slightly. I closed my eyes briefly before turning the handle and thrusting the door open.

I opened my eyes.

My hands trembled as they rose to cover my mouth as a gasp of shock escaped.

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