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I woke up at 6 because I have class at 7:30. I got dressed in a tan shirt, high waisted acid washed pants and some timbs and called my uber. I got to class just in time and who do I see.
"Hey Nyla."

"What are you doing here?"

"Lessons." It was Trey, Chris and August. Of all the culinary schools in Atlanta they come here?

"Um class, I realize because of the rain some others aren't here but some the guys would like some cooking lessons. So each of you get one to cook something."
Are you kidding me?! I thought as August walked over to my station.

"Nope, nah Switch. Chris c' mere." August switched with Chris. It looks like the two of them are not too close right now, most likely because of Aug's pettiness.
"What do you wanna make Chris?"

"Chocolate cake from scratch."

"Help me get some stuff." We walked over to the racks and fridges and got ingredients. I felt eyes on me and turned to see August.
I stayed focused on Chris and the cake. While mixing the batter Chris was being goofy which was really funny.
He put the pan in the oven while I went to go put stuff in the sink and August was behind me. He called my name and I rolled my eyes and when I turned around he 'accidentally' spilled oil on me.
"Are you fucking kidding?" I was beyond upset like, Why are you so mad? And of all things, oil?!

"Nyl-"Chris said then looked at my clothes.
"Nigga what's ya problem?! You done messed up her clothes and shit like what up with you."

"Bruh, y'all dumb asses might as well get togetha'." By now we had made a scene in my class and although there were only a few of my classmates in there I was embarrassed. So I lowered my voice.

"If we were, why does that even matter to you?" He stayed silent, I walked outside and dragged him behind, since we were outside, I continued. "Please tell what your issue is. I wasn't the one bringing hoes in the house and fucking. I didn't do anything with Chris, You're so petty. If you want me then say something cuz that's the only reason I could think of for you to be this mad..Grow up August." I said soft yet sternly.

"I'm a grown ass motha fucka so don't go there ight?!" He said in the regular speaking tone.

"Listen I'm out." I raised my hands in surrender. I was totally over the whole situation, I went back inside the kitchen and everyone looked. "Sorry Chris, I gotta get home and out of these clothes. And Chef I'm sorry for everything." I spoke and she nodded.

"It's all good. Needa ride?" Chris asked, "Yeah but, oil-"

"Come on." I walked out and Chris took me to Brazil's house. And we talked.
"So.... That's why he really mad?" He asked after I explained everything to him.

"Yeah and he is being stubborn. He basicly called me a hoe." I told him.

"He what?!"

"He called me a hoe. He said I was hoeing around wit you."

"That's wrong." He said and I nodded. He said he was gonna head home so I walked him out to his car kissed his cheek and he left. I was sitting on Zil's bed and my phone was beeping an buzzing like crazy. I was getting a whole bunch of followers and getting tagged in things.

'This just in...Artist Chris Brown and girlfriend? Confirmed as Miss Nyla Stewart."

Im so sick of this crap. I know the information came from someone at my culinary school but I don't even care anymore. I went on Twitter and wrote , 'Rumors are full of shit. I don't go with anyone but hell why believe me. Fuck Nyla's feelings and believe lies..' after I tweeted that comments started flowing.

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