Part 27

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Derek was on his way to run over to Niall, but dad yelled "DEREK STOP IT" to him. I looked shocked at dad, but he didn't look to me. I don't know why.. But it was sad. I just needed My family and Niall in the moment. But they're just leaving me alone.
Is it my fαult? Am I really the worst daughter in the world? I don't know.
Derek looked the same way I did, to dad. He was bleeding. Niall was bleeding too. Because of me. Stupid Haley. I should knew that they're here too.

'Derek. She's not worth it. I mean, poor young man. Who's even Hαley?'

Derek looked furious at me and wiped blood from his nose away.

'I think it's time to bury your mother Haley.' Sam looked nervous at me.

He wanted to come over to me, but exactly then Niall went fast over to me, took my hand, wiped my tear away and gave Sam a empty, but angry at the same time look. We went to her.
We went to my mother. Even if she did so much wrong in the past.. She was still my mom.

It rained and the sun shined at the same time. In the meantime, dad, Derek and Sam were here two.
Sam stood next to Niall. Perfect. He just looked at the ground and did nothing. He just remained silent. I looked at the coffin, were my mother was, and Niall just looked at me. I nabbed him looking at me and crying at the same time. I've never seen him so. It was so different. As he closed his eyes, five tears flew down his face at the same time. I think it was seamy for him. He was sobbing quiet. I didn't cry, I didn't know why.

'Everything okay Niall?'

'I've never seen you so completely devastated. It hurts. I just want you to be happy. Everything goes wrong. I'm sorry-' he turned around and hide his face in his pullover. He cried again.

I began to cry too. I cried so loud and I sobbed so loud too. I went over to him and caressed his cheeks with my hands. Then I hugged him. I hugged him so tight. I put my head on his chest, and I felt his heart beating so fast. I touched his heart, and it started to beat even faster.

'Niall. Please stop. I want to be happy too. We will do that. I know that. I mean.. Why not? We went through so many things, and they were more worst than this or.. Just the same. Both are hurting. Everything is going to be okay.'

We were so wet. It rained so much. It even thundered. But it didn't matter.

We both moved our heads in the direction of our mouths, and as we slowly wanted to kiss us emotionally like in movies, someone yelled "Haley".
I knew this voice.. This voice.. This voice.. Which voice was.. His voice was rough. Oh no. We both turned around, and he was here, Harry stood 10 m in front of us. What the fuck? I thought he is in the nerve clinic jail..
Then I remembered it again.
He killed mom. The murderer of my mother stood in front of me. I started to tremble again, and it felt like I had a nerve crisis, again. Oh my god please not.

'What are you doing here Harry?!' Niall said with a calm voice.

'HALEY! YOUR MOTHER FORGOT SOMETHING AT HOME!!' He was shaking a little plastic bag.
'I THOUGHT SHE WANTS IT BACK!' He threw the plastic bag exactly into my face.

The plastic bag fell from my face into my hands, and I couldn't believe what I felt in my hands. I looked in it, to be sure.
Moms eyes. Moms grass green eyes. Moms grass green eyes were in my hands. Oh no. My whole body started to shake, I couldn't feel my body anymore. I fell down, I was standing on my knees and through this extreme shaking, the plastic bag fell down.
I trembled, cried and breathed fast at the same time. It felt like it was my last breath. But it wasn't. I tried to do it over and over again. But then I felt a sting in my heart, and it made me breath faster and faster. It was the hell.
I yelled so loud. Sam ran over to me and tried to calm me down, but nothing. I saw, that Niall gave him a last look, and it was a different look, not this "I hate you" look, it was a "I have to go away, take care of her" look. The last thing I saw, was a Niall and a Derek running over to a Harry.


Opening eyes, closing. Opening eyes, closing again. Feeling wet hair on my shoulders. What happened to me?
I'm standing up, and like always, a Mr. Claflin is sitting on my bed. He looked happy at me.

'How are you?' He smiled overdone at me.

I said nothing. I looked emotionless at him. Where was Niall? Then I remembered it again.. Harry.
I had crapulence again. I ran over to the toilet, and puked. After a while Sam came and took my hair back. I pushed him away.


I looked to the mirror. Oh my god.
I was so pale. And I felt so sick.
I flushed my mouth with water and went back to the room. I started to think about Niall again, and worried about him, but as I looked at my bed,
I saw him sitting on it and looking deep into my eyes. He gave me a weak smile. He looked so sick and so tired. His eyes were so red, and so swollen too, I think he slept too long. His left arm was on cast. I ran over to him.
I sat on his legs and wrapped my legs around his hip. I wanted to caress his muscular belly, but he winced. I looked worried over to him, then to his belly. He was shaking his head but I took his shirt of. I saw a big plaster on his belly. I had tears in my eyes, and I wanted to speak for the first time today, but he just said 'shh' and put his finger on my mouth.

'Im okay. I'll tell you everything. Okay?'

'Where is Derek?!'




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