For me it was fun qith Zack alot. We laughed, had lunch togather, he dropped everyday from office to home and not even one freaking thing which we both haven't done togather being the bestest friend. The thought of liking him has always been in my mind seen we both became good friends. I wasn't sure whether he likes me or not cuz i was quite different and our contry's were differnt, language, rituals. That dont matter but still. I think he is the right one for me and i would love to be in a relationship with him. I have known him for 3 months. I think he was the first friwnd who was quite close to me in London. I talked aboit this thinhlg to Aisha she said maybe if you think you can give him a chance. He is not so bad. Its a kind of confusion for me...... Iam  going to meet Harry soon and what would i do that time when it feels like iam cheating on him. But Zack is also right i cant wait for Harry my whole life and atlast be left Heartbroken.

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