Chapter 3: The Day Before

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Today, I forgot. In my mind, nothing happened in the morning.

The nurses brought me back to my room and tried to get me into a big, white bucket that poured wet stuff onto me. The wet stuff was always too hot or too cold, burning me or freezing me. I always came out shivering and dripping. I had nightmares. I would never willingly go in there for as long as I lived in this building. The nurses finally gave up and just dressed me, leaving my hair alone, for I couldn't stand the points on the thing they used to rip my hair out. I staggered over to the window and looked out, amazed everyday at the different things I saw. Of course, there were white women scribbling on their pads, and doctors with pills just in case I had a flashback.
All of a sudden, I was sitting across from a boy with blond hair. He looked familiar, but I can't remember why. It looks like we are playing a game of chess, but it don't really remember. All I do is move pieces that are white, and he moves pieces that all black. They all are oddly shaped. Then I take my tallest one, and knock his tallest one down. He slams his fists down on the table and get up quickly, knocking his chair over. As I slowly stand up, raising my arm in celebration, I quickly saw his eyes. He was thinking, and showing emotion. Then I remembered. This morning. Darnell. I almost fainted, but one of the nurses caught me and I managed to stay conscious. I saw worry in his eyes too. I wondered what it would be like to worry about something. To have feelings. I walked back to my room, dragging my feet. For once, I wished I could forget. I tripped and fell into my room, wondering why I had never noticed the bump that divided the hallway from my room. Why was that bump there? Was it to keep me separated from the outside world, even in the building that I live in? Or was it just a mistake, like me and all of the other people in this place? All of us, we were mistakes. Mistakes of nature. Beings that weren't meant to be. Except Darnell. No, especially Darnell. He's a big mistake. He shouldn't be here. He wasn't like me.

The nurses picked me up and started talking super fast, looking around like something might appear. One of them finally looked me in the eye, talking really slowly, and directed me towards the white door in my room that leads to nothing. Inside were three outfits. She took the fancy read one and brought it over to my bed. Then she pulled my soft clothes off and slipped this one over my head. The inside was really itchy, but I didn't know how to get it off. I would have to just itch from the outside. Then the nurse put a circle of jewels, a necklace around my neck, and attempted to put jewels with little spikes through my ears. I refused. Finally, I was walked out and into the lobby. And then I saw him, and I realized why I had to dress up. The founder, who was also the inspector, was here. I hated him. He always wore black everything and his eyes bored through me every time. Like always, he looked at me first and stepped towards me first. He walked around me like he was stalking his prey. My eyes darted back and forth trying to keep track of what was happening, and my hands were shaking as I figured with my dress. Then he moved onto other patients, only taking the same amount of time as he did on me with Darnell. Then he left, never looking back. All of us were rushed into our rooms. I got to change back into my soft cloths, and then I went into the room with soft couches and games. I went straight to the checkers board where Darnell was siting without a partner. He was sitting on he black side, so I took the red side. I moved some red, and he moved some black. Then I moved and took his piece. He slammed his fist on the table and started yelling, "It's not fair! It's not! Don't do it Emi, don't do it!"
I was taken aback by this, since it had been forever since someone had called me by Emi or my actual name. Then I realized that he must've read the card on my breakfast table telling everyone what's wrong with me and remembered only the first three letters. But still, it's a little weird.

That night, I was still thinking about my checkers game. What was he saying? Why did he say it? I was really surprising myself by these questions, it had been years since I had even said the word 'why'. I just accepted my life, the other lives, anything I was told, and moved on. Because, even though I didn't have a choice about about which world I lived in, I accepted it. Nothing changes. But why?

When I finally fell asleep, I immediately dove into a deep, dreamful sleep. But the only one I remember was the one with the man in a flowing black cape.

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