Chapter 27

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**Seven Months later**
**London POV**

I’m like ‘hey, wassup, hello!
Seen yo pretty ass soon as ya came in that door
I just want to chill, got a sack fo’ us to roll
Married to the money, introduced ‘er to my stove
Showed ‘er how to whip it, now she remixin’ fo’ low
She my trap queen, let ‘er hit the bando
We be countin’ up, watch how far them bands go
We just set a goal, talkin’ matchin’ Lambos

I slide down the pole. My hair was in tight curls. Yeap I was back stripping but I was also in Law school. I looked over in the audience to see Shamiya big belly ass sitting there. She was eight months.

After that big ass bust we all split up. I didn't have contact with none of them but Shamiya. Teyana put us out the car when we reached Los Angeles. That bitch made me mad but ian tripping thoe. Me and Shamiya got us a place together. Ion know what happen to Brandy. I miss her so much thoe. Tried to call her old number old lady answered. I hope she OK thoe. I wonder do Rico still think about me, cause I still think of him...

**Teyana POV**

Ian mean to abandon my girls like that. But they ain't build for this life like I am. I'm still in this drug dealing game. Killing bitches that get in my way. Not showing no remorse. Going with the biggest drug dealer in the south.

Knock knock knock**

Somebody was beating on my door like they was crazy. I got up and opened it.

They put the gun in my face....

"Hey bitch, You miss me" ....

**Mason POV**

This bitch had ran off with my child. I was gone find her not only did she take my child but my supplies. The love of my fucking life.

Me and Rico was on a mission. After that shit that happen at the warehouse they fired my nigga. They had a warrant out for our arrest. But we wasn't going down until we found them girls. And asked why.

**Rico POV**

I packed my stuff up. Me and Mason was on our way to find them girls. I still loved London. And she didn't tell me about my baby. Had to find out by some old doctor papers. We had broke in there house after that shit. And we had a idea of where they might be.

**Veronica POV**

"So we taking these hoes out one by one"I said

"We might as well I could care less"She said

"You still know the plan"I asked

She shook her head. I kissed her she knew this game. It meant so much to me.


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