Chapter 22

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Chapter 22

Those words raced through her head again and again.

"What the fuck are you talking about!"

"Dr. Edwards he shot you. Why? Because you are the cure you were bit they have been doing test and you worked. You are immune."

"I can save everyone?"

"No, but whatever they tested on you can."

Daryl put his hands around his head.

"Jesus Christ. "

"Carl how did Maggie die?"

"She uh.... She committed.... Suicide. "

"Fuck. Who murdered Glenn?"

"Man named Negan. Torchered him till he bled out. "

"Where is everyone?"

He paused. Beth rose to her feet. Furry rushing through her blood.

"Carl where the fuck is everyone!"

"Captured. "

"Fuck, fuck,fuck. "

Beth kicked a tree.

"I'm going to kill this man. "


Carl smirked and looked at Beth and Daryl.

"We got a weapon that might help. "

"Is that my sign to get out of this fuckin tree. "

They glanced at where the voice came from. A young girl with long blonde hair in a braid with a baseball cap on was casually sitting in a tree sharpening arrows.

"Hello Mrs. and Mr. Dixon. Welcome to Alexandria. I would introduce myself properly but as you can see I'm stuck in a tree. "

She threw stuff down and jumped out of the tree.

"Dylan Straff, pleasure to meet you two kickass lovebirds. "

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