"She, Her, Who?"

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{Toy Bonnie's P.O.V}

I snuck off of the stage and ran off into the hallway. I stared at the big metal door that led to the Parts and Services room before pushing it open with a small creak. I waved to the original Bonnie with a smile. He waved back with his remaining arm and beckoned for me to come sit down, so I did. Just because I'm his replacement doesn't mean I have to be a complete asshole towards him. Unlike the others. Pfft.

"Today, I'm gonna tell you about an old friend of mine that I haven't seen since she was just a little girl," Bonnie said.

I got closer and waited for him to start the story, 'cause I wanted to remember this. We had their memories copied into our minds, but they had to tell us about them so we could remember, which is why I had gone back there; I wanted to remember those forgotten memories.

"She was a little girl, cute (h/l), (h/l) hair, shiny (e/c) eyes, she had an adorable giggle. I haven't interacted with her anymore than one time because the restaurant closed just a few days after I got to talk with her for the first time."

I could feel the memories of a cute little girl coming back to me, as well as the sorrow Bonnie had felt when he knew he'd never see her again. I patted his shoulder and looked at his glowing lights.

"Toy Bonnie! We're about to open!" Toy Freddy yelled.

"Bye," Bonnie said sadly.

"I'll be back later, 'kay?" I asked, trying to cheer him up.

He didn't respond, so I just left and went back to the stage and grabbed my guitar and mentally prepared myself for another day of fun!

{Time Skip [4:23 P.M.]}

We were performing for the kids when I saw someone walk into the restaurant: a girl in her late teens, maybe early twenties, came through the doors and walked over to the cashier lady, her hair bouncing as she did. I almost instantly recognized her to be little (y/n) all grown up. My my my, had she grown from a petite bud into a beautiful flower. She talked to the cashier lady before looking at us, mainly me. She gave a disgusted glare before going back to talking with the lady.

'What did I do?!' I thought to myself.

Suddenly, it hit me; she thought of me as a replacement of her old pal. I looked so different from him, with my blue coating, green eyes, and buckteeth and all. She thought of me as the reason her friend was no longer on stage for the children. I felt kind of bad, but I had no way of bringing the almost completely dismantled Bonnie on stage without the children screaming in fear.

'Maybe, just maybe, I can change her mind about us. Make her see that we're really not all that bad....Yeah, that sounds good,' I thought to myself as I turned back to look at the children.

"That was our show," Toy Freddy said.

"See you all next time!" we all exclaimed cheerfully as the curtains fell in front of us, blocking our view of the children.

{Another Time Skip Later... [11:55 P.M.]}

(Y/n) walked in wearing a security uniform.

'Oh no. No no no, she can't be the new guard!' I thought to myself.

I tapped Toy Freddy's shoulder and made a quiet "Psst" sound with the corner of my mouth.

"What?" he asked loudly, making (y/n) jump a mile.

I glared at him for blowing our cover before saying "Don't mess with this one," as quietly as possible.

"Why not?" he asked just as loudly as before. I sighed.

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