"What?!" Jack yelled once I finished telling him what had been going on.

By now all tears are already out and I am feeling.. Numb?

"Are you kidding me? What an ass?! He's so dead! I'm gonna show that motherf--"

"Jack, calm down, okay?" I sighed.

"Calm down? Take a look in the mirror, Hanna. See what you look like. How pale, how tired, how defeated! You have fucking eye bags!"

And now I feel like a panda with eye bags.. Awesome.

"You still look amazing though! I mean, that dress, girl!" Sarah jumped in, elbowing her fiancé.

Yep.. I love her.. I absolutely do.

When I reached Jack's house I learned that he had already told Sarah all about me since the night before, and introduced us both.

And I can't say that I wasn't relieved cause she's so friendly and kind that I feel like crying again.

"He's an idiot. Good thing you haven't signed that stupid contract yet." Jack fumed, holding Sarah's hand for a bit of comfort.

He is becoming really protective of me, like I'm his real sister.

But wait..

"What, you mean that I shouldn't?" I asked carefully.

"Are you kidding me? Of course you shouldn't, Hanna! You shouldn't and you won't! I'm not gonna let you marry that asshole just because you already met his family and told everyone you were in love then he proposed in a restaurant full of people and you said yes and he slipped that ring on your finger and his family left thinking and already planning on your wedding and his sister thought she will be your bridesmaid."

I glared at him.. And so did Sarah.

"Sorry, but you know what I mean." He mumbled.

"Yes, Jack, I know and you do have a point but I can't not marry him now.." I trailed off.

"Why not?" He frowned.

"Because, well, I did meet his family, and they love me! Well, not all of them but I'm already friends with his sister and his grandma. I felt like I was at home when I was with them."

"Just that? Because you felt like you were home? You can feel that again with someone else, Hanna."

"And who is that someone exactly? You and I both know that I will marry him sooner or later.. So, sooner is better." I reasoned, making him let out a deep breath in frustration.

He knows I'm right.. Danny will be my husband.. So let's just get it done with so Jack and Sarah can get married. Running from Danny or the fact that we are getting married because of an agreement won't help any of us. It will only be stalling the inevitable and after I met Sarah I can see how much she and Jack are in love. If I can help then hell I will.

Sarah sighed as well and turned to me.

"But you don't have to, Hanna. You don't need to force yourself into marrying him. Marrying someone you don't love is the hardest thing a woman can go through." She held my hand.

No. It's not. Starting to fall for him is worse. Not showing it is worse.Seeing how unaffected he is by you is worse. Not having him love you back is way worse..

"Yes, I do. And I will be fine. It's just for a few months, maybe a year, but that's it. I will be fine." I repeated.

I will be fine..

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