Part 2

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{{For my friend @QueenOfTerminus}}

With swellowed feet and a stinging back with each step stretching my wounds. I haven't felt this terrorfied in ever really, only when I watched those week night horror flicks on the deathroad series about to ghost hunters.. I swallowed hard holding myself up as I walked down the side of the road noticing the rushing of traffic, the screams.. They where what made me begin to walk faster.. and the sight of a mother with a small blanket baby sized rocking it back and forth in tears as the blanket was covered in blood, turned my fast walk into a sprint. I had no clue what had happened or what was happening. But I almost passed out into the ditch beside me as I noticed the church on Mockingbird Hill... was in a flaming blaze. My mouth dropped,

My mouth screaming as I hobbled towards the top of the hill.

"Matt! Max! Jenny!" I screetched as the thorns began to dig into my dress material. I yelled again, as I slowly approached the church.. Everything was set up for me and Matts wedding... Matts figure sat on its knees at the front of the rows of bent over as the sound of nawing his arms digging into something as I made my way closer.

"Matty...?" I softly whispered as an unhuman growl came as he slowly turned around.

"Oh Jesus.. No..." I could feel my hot tears rolling down my cheeks as I fell to my knees.

"Matt.." he began to stumble away from the body, this made my stomach twist, the intestines of my daughter Jenny hung out her small stomach. The remains between most of Matts teeth as he snarled coming closer. I swallowed hard holding my arms out to him.

"Come here.." I whispered utterly broken. I felt a grasp of arms grabbing my arms from before as I watched I bullet enter Matts head. I kicked and screamed until I felt a sharp needle like pain in my right arm as my head slowly nodded forward.

"I don't she was bit.." I deeply wizzy voice muffled, I was bearly even awake to know what was happening, but I listened to these voices.

"We ahouldn't waste the bullets, just we put her down if she dies." Another voice added.

"Fine." Another groaned. I could hear my breathing as if I was wearing some kind of mask. Hearing a door close my eyes opened, I could see out glasses goggle like things. It reminded me of a gas mask..

My fingers attempted to touch my face but I only felt leather strapping me down. "Where am I?" My voice wizzed darkly as lights flicked on and a voice came threw a specker.

"Hello, you are all in a survivors came. An infection has spread, and those who weren't harmed or scratched weren't accepted, we are sorry for any of your loses, and you will be free to walk and roam around this underground safety zone when you've gotten your medical treatment." The voice said over a speck. My eyes looked at the ceiling, well looks like I got the answer to where.. Now, why? They said not harmed didn't they?

I felt another sharp pain in my arm. As I felt someone push my back forward and my wrists being unleathered. Also I felt the removing of my mask. I took a breath of air, looking around seeing other people with gas masks. My eyes darted the room, looking over the other beds in this rectangle room.

"What's going on?!" I demanded to know deeply breathing.

"Miss, calm down." I man sighed helping me off the bed. When I noticed I wasn't wearing my wedding gown I was inside of suit.. very tight and uncomfortable, I slowly put my feet on the floor not feeling stinging of glass anymore as the masked men lead me from the room.

"What is this place?" I questioned nervously as I am taken into a small cafe were everyone else wore the same suit as I.

"You in Hamstead, protector space madam." One replied. I nodded, just safe to be alive.. my eyes looked at the people seeing a small boy eatting peanut butter cup cereal when this boy turned to face me with the spoon in his mouth my eyes widened as he ran for me, I removed myself from these men grabbing the boy swinging him in a hug. "Mommy!" He cried against me.

"Maxy, I'm so glad to see your face.. to feel you in my arms again." I softly began to cry kissing him all over his face.

"Mama, jennys gone.." he softly whimpered. I nodded,

"I know Maxy.." I told him my voice weak. I slowly placed him on the floor kneeling infront of him. "Look honey.. I know that there gone. But, you still got mommy.." I tried to tell this seven year old. He nodded as I removes his tears with the sleeve of my body-suit out fit.

"Now," I sniffed, "Could you show me where I can eat?" He gave a small smile over his crying eyes before nodding and grabbing my hand with his smaller one.

The gas masked man began to leave. I still had so many questions left unanswered, and I had a rather strong feeling the weren't gonna be answered for a long while. I was happy to see my son, and for now that's all that matter as he lead me to the long line of people with food trays. Max handed me one.

"Thanks Maxy," I softly added ruffling his hair.

"Do they got any Peanut butter cereal for the adults..?" I questioned jokingly as I kneelt down beside him. He giggled softly give a shake of his head.

"Only bacon, and eggs.." He answered. That's when there was a growling of a mans voice and yelling.

"The hell you mean I cant leave!" A tall scruffy biker type guy yelled at one of the masked men.

"Look sir, we ask you to sit back down before we have to use force." The masked men warned. The biker guy gripped the masked man's throat as me and Max watched wide eyedly. I felt max grip my leg, I could tell this was upsetting him. Another masked man pulled out a large black stick with a handle clunking the biker man over the head as other masked men joined in beating him. I pressed Maxs head against my right leg I couldn't take my eyes away. I felt a small hand on my shoulder as another woman looked at me,

"Names Sammy, my boys over there." She pointed at a man sitting at a table quietly. "After this is over and you grab some eats, go over there will explain everything." She smiled. "Nice meeting you.."

"Connelly," I answered.

"And thanks, Maxy, you go one over with them and ill grab some food for myself okay?" I requested. Maxy nodded taking Sammys hand as she walked him over to the table, the sprawl still going on until the biker was on the ground without another breath left in him.

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