You: your my mom?
Your mom: Yes I am.
You: Why the hell did you drop me off at the adoption agency?! WHY DID YOU ABANDON ME?!
Jensen and Danneel and JJ come to check on you.
Your mom: Your grandparents took you away and told me you died. I believed them, but part of me knew that you could've of been still alive.
You: So it took you 16 years to find me.
Your mom: I tried looking everywhere for you, honestly.
You: All my life, I've been on my own, I was adopted three times in my life! The first people who adopted me treated me like a freaking slave! The second time, the guy tried to do stuff to a two year old girl! I accidentally stabbed him! I ran and ran when I saw what I did. I didn't mean to kill him, I was trying to defend myself.
After that you broke down, you fall to the ground on your knees, trying to forget about all of the Hell you've been through. Your mom tried to hug you and you push her away.
Your mom: why are you pushing me away?
You: I have a mom and dad and a baby sister.
Your mom: she didn't give birth to you! I did! I brought you into this world and I'm going to get you back! YOU ARE MY DAUGHTER!
You then remember the lady at the adoption agency always yelling at you and you saw a glimpse of her face and then you stand up and you punch your mom in the face.
JJ: big sister?
You then realize what you did and you run away.
You then run from Jensen,Danneel, JJ and your mom.
Jensen: Y/N!

You kept running and running and you saw the man you thought you "killed".
He saw you and he chased after you, you run into an alley and you start climbing the fence and the man grabs your ankle.

The man: hey there princess.
You: I thought I killed you.
The man: you don't have a good aim sweetie.
You: let me go you son of a bitch.
The man: I will after I'm done with you.
You then kick the man and you push him against the wall, he tried to touch your breast and you stabbed his hand and he screamed in agony.
The man: What I did ever do to you?!
You: you tired to force yourself onto an innocent little girl and now she's pissed off.
You then stab the man in the chest, killing him. He falls to the ground and you grab your knife. You then realize you had to leave, you couldn't go back to Jensen, Danneel and JJ. That broke your heart but you didn't want them to be in trouble for holding a fugitive.

You had a family, you had people who cared for you and you had to leave after what you did. You decided to turn yourself in.

Police officer: Yes?
You: I killed a man.
You give the police your knife and you hold out your wrists.
You: go ahead and arrest me.
The police officers look at you and they look into your eyes, they see that you were scared, guilty.
Police officer: Who did you kill?
You told the police officer of the man you killed, you told them that he also tried to force himself onto you when you were two years old.
The police officers then don't arrest you, but they call one of their friends who is a judge.

Bret: So, what did the young lady do?
Steven: She confessed to a murder she committed.
Bret: Who was it?
You told the judge and he doesn't have you arrested,he instead gives you community service and you agree to it.

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