EXO Sehun: I Want You Back (MR)

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Idol: Oh Sehun/Sehun

Group: EXO

Type: Smut

Requested/Dedicated: @clarissaIma

Name: Rissa



"Sehun! I don't mind you dancing with her on stage but at least be reasonable about this!" I yelled at him.

"Are you telling me that I can't hang out with my friends?!" Sehun stomped his feet hard as he got up from the couch. I rolled my eyes and followed him up.

"I never said you can't but I hardly see you! You guys are always out of the country!" I sighed heavily.

"I'm only going with her because the company told me to." He explained. "Whatever, go Sehun."

"I think it's better if we break up, so you can have all the freedom you can have." I suggested. Even though it hurted me saying that, it was for the best.

He widened his eyes and looked at me shockingly but after awhile he liked away, "Fine, sounds good to me." He said blankly.

I couldn't say anything anymore, so I just walked up my room and laid on my bed crying.

Ugh! Sehun, why don't you see my position.

I heard my front door close which means Sehun already left.

What's the point of him asking me if it was ok with me if he can hang out with BOA. He's gonna go anyways.

It's been two weeeks since the last time you saw or talked to Sehun. You just got home from school and work. When you are tired, you usually get mad easily. Suddenly your phone rang...

"Hello?!" I accidentally threw my anger.

"Woh! Woh... I didn't do anything!" Kai said in the other line.

"I'm sorry, just tired. I didn't mean to scream at you." I apologized.

"What's wrong anyways?" -Kai.

"Nothing.. I'm fine." -Me

"Come on! I'm your best friend. I know when you are having a problem." Kai sighed. "Fine, just come over!"

"Is... umm... Sehun there?"

"Nah! Didn't he tell you he was gonna go out with other people?"


I looked at the time and it was barely 6:00 p.m. Why do I even care anymore.

"Sure. I'll be there in 20 minutes."


"Rissa! We miss you!" Chanyeol said as he opened the door for me.

They all greeted me with warm hugs and DO cooked us a very delightful dinner. After that we all gathered in the living room to watch a movie together. I was sitting next to Kai. Everyone was here except Sehun, of course.

Everyone laughed, cried, and gave their own comments. But since this whole week, I was busy with school I ended up falling asleep slowly.


You were starting to close your eyes and your head was slowly tilting to the side, forward, and backwards. Kai noticed that you started falling asleep, he wanted to wake you up but he knew that you must have been really tired.

He grabbed your shoulder and let you leaned on his shoulders for the meantime. During the movie, Sehun came home seeing everyone in the living. But he was drank. He was walking pass you guys when Suho noticed him. Suho paused the movie and everyone's attention went to Sehun.

"You're home! Why don't you join us?" Suho offered.

"No... I'm tired." Sehun said, he was about to walk away but a familiar figure caught his attention. "Why... why is.. she here?"

"I asked her to come over." Kai said. Sehun knotted his forehead and gave Kai a look. "Whatever." Sehun said as he ignored you and the rest going straight to his room.

Everyone knew that Sehun has been acting strangely lately and that he's been ignoring you or the fact that you're his girlfriend. However they didn't know you guys broke up. Suho played the movie again.

After awhile the movie ended, everyone helped cleaned the dorm while Kai scooped you up from the couch. "Kai, just take her in your room for now." Suho odered.

"But..." Kai wanted to take you to Sehun since he thought that you guys were still together but Suho stopped him. "Just take her to your room, Sehun might just end up being mad if we wake him up." Suho said.

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