Dignity, Disgust, and Deliverance

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No matter how hard I tried to stop him Yestin would not let up on his mission.  I wasn't ready to jump off and let the last horse in new world leave my site but he was starting to get me worked up.  Then that's when I noticed his behavior.  I didn't recognize it at first since the last I saw it was in youth but he seemed to think there was a female around.  He was absolutely pig headed when it came to his dick.  Much like most men I inwardly cringed.

I stopped fighting him knowing it was all in vain and tried to keep up on which direction we were going in.

Suddenly, Yestin reared and let out a strong cry almost knocking me off his back and he seemed to have her in his sights.  He sprinted, much to my dismay, towards his target and soon we were closing in on a train of travelors.

Much to my disbelief, there was a mare of black and white rearing in excitement and I knew I had to get off this crazy horse somehow before we reached her.  The person on her jumped off with ease as she was not sprinting but I could not and the seconds went by where we closed distances I believed would take hours.  Finally, Yestin slowed within 20 yards of her and I had enough courage to roll off of him at the speed he was going.  Any later and I'd be trampled by wild mating horses.

I did not focus on the travelors but watched Yestin and the mare happily do their mating thing.  When his member was flying around I looked away and found that the person who was previously on the mare was stalking twords me slowly.  Then I realized what the travelors were wearing.  I was stuck, no thanks to Yestin, in the clutches of the new power.

Zeren was almost to me when I snapped out of it and began running.  I didn't run away though which is what I meant to do.  I was running straight towards the brute.

I jumped at him and pictured my city being invaded by his forces.  That was enough to fule my fire as I punched him in the jaw and clawed at him hoping maybe I'd get lucky and Yestin may snap out of it.  I knew that wasn't going to happen though.

"You little-" the growl was cut short when I hit the ground in front of him.  I jumped to my feet and put my hands up like my father had taught me long ago.

The beast snarled at me and flashed me a set of surprisingly brilliant teeth.  He was ammused!

Someone behind him ran towards me but when they got to him he decked them right in the head and I swear I heard a crunch.  The soldier fell limply to the dirt and I tried to ignore the terror building inside of me.

"Does anyone else want to try to ruin my fun?"  Zeren eyed me like a feral cat eyes it's dinner and waited in what I presumed to be hope that someone would try to challenge him.

"Good."  He smiled a nasty smile as he crouched and started sprinting towards me.  I watched it in slow motion as if I wasn't in my body.  I pounced off to my left and sprinted into the forest of dead bodies.  I could hear him behind me but I didn't stop or look.  I know that would slow me down considerably.  I caught myself on a naked woman's body and jumped over her catching a glimpse of her cause of death.  She had been raped and her intestines were cut out of her private areas. She was a gaping hole below.

Adrenaline spiked through me again as the terror from before threw me forward.  This vile creature had let this happen.  He encouraged it.

He wasn't far behind me and I turned the course to run back towards the horses.  Even if I couldn't get the stallion to stop his animal duty he also wouldn't let another 'male' towards his claimed prize would he?  I knew there was no out running Zeren so I had to take a chance.

He was closing the distance faster then I hoped and when I got to the horses I felt my hair being pulled back and I flew back.  My scalp felt torn and my knees were way too sore for me to get up after hitting the hard dirt.  I managed to look up and found Yestin rearing at Zeren warning him to stay away.  They were most likely done with their coupling by now but they were a bit too long in the process for me to have successfully ran with Yestin from this horrible creature.

Zeren looked to me when he backed off of Yestin and grumbled something to a soldier who was close to him.  The soldier looked at me with no emotion in his eyes and started towards me.  I knew I lost.  They did too by the way the soldier picked me up.

-----     -----     -----     -----     -----     -----     -----


I could feel the defeat of the woman in the air and I grinned.  I hadn't had fun with a bitch in ages and she was the first to actually try to fight back.  I liked that.  In fact, she reminded me of something-.

"You bite me again bitch and I will give you something worse then a slap!"  The soldier I put on the woman will have his hands full which wasn't the same as the usual bitch.

"Do not call me that you lecherous mut!"  I watched her as she growled at Sevlin.  He had a bad temper and had a way about shutting both soldiers and bitches up but rarely did he kill.  He could've killed her with the look he was giving if she wasn't a stubborn mule.

Somehow, we managed to rope up the horses and head to City Ivy.  Maybe I should rename that city.  Too much hope in a peaceful name.

-----     -----     -----     -----     -----     -----     -----


As comforting as it was to be through the city gates I couldn't help but recognize the screams and chaos that was now enveloping City Ivy.  The streets were bloodied and littered with corpses that were distasteful thrown into piles that were being burnt.  I saw soldiers throwing women around and raping them in clear daylight while they screamed and begged for death.

Half of us broke off and followed Zeren who was met by the black man who chased me.  He didn't seem to notice me as we followed him to the city hall.  The current leader was bleeding out and hung over the balcony of his quarters which was above the enterance.

Zeren stopped and turned towards the back of our small line up.  He wore a scowl and I heard whimpering from behind.  Something terribly bad was about to happen.

The soldier holding me turned towards the noise and I saw the poor girl.  She was beautiful but had terror written plain as day across her face.

"I am honoring you bitch.  You will grace my walkway to my new home with fresh blood."  A blood curdling scream came from her lips and I watched as Zeren quickly grabbed her hair and lead her to the archway we had just come through.  Without flinching he threw her down to the ground and quickly cut her clothing off.  He undid his pants and shoved his innapropriatly hard member into her as she screamed and begged for death.

I couldn't watch this lewd behavior and turned my head away.  That was a mistake.  The soldier who held me walked towards the disgusting scene and set me down then held my head so I had to watch it happen not ten feet from me.

"If you close your eyes I will make sure you're next."  The soldier whispered into my ear as he seemed to admire his masters work.

Luckily I missed the rest of the poor woman's rape but I didn't even realize that wouldn't be the worst part.  He pulled out of her and threw her helpless body to the ground.  She was blood red down below and lay motionless other then the shallow rise and fall of her chest.  I could drink her resentment, humility, and I knew she was waiting for the end.

Zeren zipped himself up and grabbed her hands.  The black man, already knowing what was happening, brought a long rope in his hands which he threw over the archway and gave the end to Zeren.  The monster tied her hands tightly while the black man hoisted her up by the rope.  Zeren drew a blade from his boot and effortlessly slashed her neck whispering something to her.  Then while she was being lifted up to the top he slit her ankles so her feet dangled by bone.

I wanted to throw up.  I felt a part of me die with her as she hung bleeding her life away on the cold creatures new doorstep.

This was no human.

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