Chapter 1

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        As dark clouds loomed over the kingdom and lighting flashed overhead, two figures stood facing each other. One was a dark sorcerer sworn to conquer all. The other was a noble witch ready to defend her people to the very end. His name was Equivillon. Her name was Wand-O. The two have been at each other's throats for countless years until finally, they decided to have the final battle. 

        The two fought for hours, casting lighting from the sky and shifted the earth from bellow. Both were at their last breath but neither refused to give up. "So Wand-O it seems we are just unmatched with each other, Equivillon said with a sneer. "Appears to be that way," Wand-O agreed not liking the look on his face. What is he planning? she asked herself. Suddenly Equivillon laughed. Wand-O's head jerked up in confusion. "You know I'm getting tired of this game," he said. "I'm going to leave this time and when I return, you will no longer be around to stop me." 

        Wand-O's eyes narrowed as she tried to make sense of what he said. Meanwhile Equivillon's hand started glowing purple. As he waved his hand in a circle, he started muttering a spell under his breath. The sky (if possible) became even darker. A purple portal opened up between the two sorcerers. Wand-O's eyes widen when she saw the portal. "No!" she thought, "He can't!" She ran up to the portal to try and stop him but it was too late. The portal closed and he was through it.

        Wand-O collapsed to her knees. Fear took over her entire body. "This isn't good," she thought. "Wand-O!" a voice called out. Wand-O saw her younger sister Tina, running up the field. She managed to catch Wand-O as she nearly fell to the ground from exhaustion. "Are you alright?" Tina asked. "What happened?" Tina brought her sister to her feet as Wand-O explained. "Equivillon escaped. He cast the Calera spell." Tina's eyes flew opened in surprise. Calera was one of the most dark spells of the ancients. It allows the caster to travel into the future, but the human body can not withstand the power of the portal and many have died in the attempt.

        "Could he have found a way to survive the journey?" Tina asked Wand-O. Wand-O gasped for breath. "I'm not sure, but I'm going to follow him." "How? The sister I know would never attempt dark magic," Tina said as she struggled to keep Wand-O up. "Tina stop just lay me down," Wand-O shouted. Tina shook her head. "We have to get you back to the village so you can heal," she explained. "There's no time!" Wand-O yelled. "Equivillon is powerful. There is a chance that he could survive to the future." Her breath was now coming in short gasps. "My body is fading," she told her sister. "But Equivillon will not win."

        Tina held her sisters head. Tears were in her eyes. " What will you do?" she asked. Wand-O's hands went up to the pearl white necklace she wore. Both glowed a radiant orange. "Tina, listen to me very carefully. I need you to continue our family line. I am transferring all my powers to the necklace. You must pass it down you your daughter on her 13th year. And her daughter after her, and her daughter after her. So that when he returns, our decedent can finish what I started." Tina cradled her sister's body. "Wand-O you can't." "There is no other way," Wand-O said as she started to fade. Her eyes too, glistened with tears. "Goodbye dear sister. Tell the kingdom I am sorry." Wand-O's eyes closed and Tina was left crying alone. Wand-O's necklace clutched tightly in her hands.

        "Man I don't know what's more intense, having these dreams or writing them down?" Kim Turner closed the diary she was writing in as she stretched her arms and got up from her desk. "Kim! Breakfast!" her mother called from downstairs. "Coming!" she called back as she headed to the dinning room. "Morning Mom, morning Dad, morning Aunt Darcy," Kim said as she sat down at the table. "Good morning Kim," her mother, Jean, greeted. "And how was Wand-O last night?" Kim's big blue eyes pierced through her glasses and into her mother's soft green ones Then she lowered her head. Her blond hair covering her face. "Sweetheart what happened?" her father, Mark, asked.

        Kim took a deep breath and said "Wand-O and Equivillon were suppose to have the final battle. But Equivillon opened up some sort of portal. I think it was to take him to the future. Wand-O placed her remaining powers into her necklace and told Tina to pass it down her family." "Just like that legend," Aunt Darcy whispered. "Here we go," Jean and Mark muttered. "Don't you see," Darcy continued not hearing them. "It's a sign. Kim is meant to become the new Wand-O just as our family legend states." Mark sighed. "You know, you really shouldn't worry your niece like that. As fascinating as your family legend is, Kim has just turned 13 years old. I do believe she has enough on her plate as it is."

        Kim mealy nodded as she finished her breakfast and placed her dishes in the sink. "Well I'm off to school," she said. At the door she latched on her skates and with a final goodbye strolled off to school.

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