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My dad always told me to stay inside at night. There's horrible creatures who would like nothing better than to tear your limbs off one  by one and consume you. I wish I listened.

First,I want to introduce you to myself. My name used to be Steve, but now it's Gregor. See, when people come into this world. they are always named Steve. You'll have better luck asking a pig why. When they turn 80 moons old, they get to choose their own name. I chose Gregor because that's my grandfather's name. 

You could say that people kinda messed this world up. See, wood is extremely rare, because most of the saplings were burned during the Great Fire. It is renewable,but a good log costs about 40 gold. Stone actually cost about four nuggets, which is the cheapest it's been in years.

Our family is fairly prosperous, compared to the economics nowadays. My dad works as a miner,which is a pretty good pay. Sometimes he finds gold or lapis or even redstone and we strike it rich. Not too rich, but rich as in 10 gold.

Let me explain our currency. Your money, I think called dollhairs, is worth about 3 nuggets. In our world, there are 9 nuggets to a gold and 9 gold to a block. A block is basically the currency of the rich.

Back to the beginning. I wished I listened to my dad when he gave me moral lessons about surviving. You'll see why.

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