Say I Love You

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I'm silent at this moment,the only thing I managed to do is to stare into his eyes wanting to believe what he just said.

He kissed me again and I went with it.His hands wandered down to my waist grasping it with his firm but soft hands.
I was kissing a guy,unbelievable,I was doing a bad thing but I didn't care,
I could do anything now.

I started to unbutton his plaid button down shirt revealing his chest,which I continued to feel on.What?I've never had past experience I didn't know if this was the right thing to do,I only saw it in the movies.

"Let's go to the backseat."
My first time in a Camaro I thought to myself.That'll be a hell of a story to tell my kids,not that I will,maybe.
It sounded classy though,sex in your favorite car.
"Okay."I say crawling back through the hole to the back and he followed.Unaware what to do next I panicked.That was until he saved the day as he kissed me once again as softly and as lustful as possible.
"Say it again."I got the urge to say.

"What?"he said looking into my eyes

"Say I love you."

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