Danny's POV
"Yo! Wake up,!" Somebody was jumping on the bed.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" I screamed and pushed them off of the bed.

"Well, it is noon. If I have to watch you, you will not sleep all day." I rolled over.

"Who on God's green Earth are you?" I was looking at this guy with gawgeous brown eyes, brown hair, and looked to be about 20.

"I am Cameron. Your new guard." 'Cameron', as he called himself, put his hand out.

"Why do I need a new guard?" I asked him.

"Well, after last nights little incident, Alpha asked me to guard you. He had to be out most of the time,so I will be here." Cameron pulled his hand back when I didn't shake it.

"Kay what does that mean? I thought Claire was going to be here." I sat up and pulled on my black silk robe.

"I can't say anything else. Alpha said we must stay here today and that is final." Cameron stood up dusting himself off.

"Well then, I guess I don't have a reaSon to put makeup on today, do I?" I didn't move. I knew the robe barely covered my butt. And maybe not even that.

"Nope. I will be waiting for you in the kitchen. Should I make you something to eat?" Cameron walked to the door.

"Yes! Bacon!" I yelled after him. Quickly, I dressed into blue jeans, a flannel, boots, and a baseball cap. It looked as if it was from a high school baseball team. It said something about Bucks or something like that. As I walked down the stairs, I smelled bacon.

"Hey, um....." I was cut off.


"Yeah Cameron. Is my bacon done yet?" I walked over and reached for some.

"Oh hell no! Not until I am absolutely done." Cameron smacked my hand away.

"Damn fine!" I walked to the fridge and grabbed the milk. I opened he jug and started drinking.

"Is someone- Danny!" Claire walked in. I spit milk all over tithe stainless steel fridge.

"Oh hi Claire!" I said putting the milk away.

"The guys will be impressed." Claire shook her head.

"The guys will be impressed by what?" Jake walked in.

"Look at Danny." Claire pointed at my milk mess.

"What were you doing?" Jake asked me.

"I was drinking out of the jug, and Claire walked in. She scared me, and I spit it everywhere." I wiped up the remainder of the milk.

"Hah you are right, Ma. I am impressed." Jake laughed.

"Cameron wouldn't let me eat." I complained.

"Well that-wait Cameron?" Jake apparently didn't know who Cameron was. I guess.

"Yeah my new guard." I said.

"Oh yeah. Mason said something about that, but I thought he would choose one of us. Like James, Tim, Sam, or I." James sat down on chair.

"Yeah probably not anymore. I mean, you guys took me out with Damon and Eli." I paused. "By the way, how is Damon?" The night before was stuck in my head.

"He has a broken rib, but he is okay. He will go to the pack doctor to get bandages off. That is it." Jake shrugged.

"Oh that's good. Why can't he be my guard or Eli?" I asked as I drank some orange juice.

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