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Liam's pov :

"Oh really" Panashe sat on my lap. We spent the whole day in the hotel together. which is weird because I didn't get bored at all.
She pressed her lips against mine , and I already knew that later we would end up in bed.

She was already shirtless ,and So was I when someone barged inside the room.
"What the fuck" Panashe jumped off me and I pushed her behind me trying to hide her.

"Gross. I told you we should've knocked but you never listen to me do you ?" Maria tried to kick louis in the balls but he caught her leg before she had the chance.

"Ha! Not this time love. I know your moves now" he laughed.
she immediately reacted and punched him in the guts.

"Not all of them" she said.
"Hello? can you explain why you barged in here like that" I looked behind me and Panashe had her shirt on already.

"We have trouble" Louis changed his expressions.
"What happen ?" Panashe asked.

"Well.. Zayn and er.. Jennifer got arrested." Maria finally told us the reason why they came in like that.

Panashe's pov:

"Ouch what was that for ?" Maria asked me. We were on the car when I decided to smack maria.
"You interrupted me" I said .

"Damn alright. What you just wanted me to wait until you guys were done , To tell you that Jennifer and Zayn got arrested ?" She gave me a weird looking face when she said that.

"Don't make that face, and yeah maybe " I looked at Liam, he winked.


"I'm sorry for all the Trouble. It Won't happen again I assure you" I think I heard Zayn say.
We were guided towards some hallways when we got to the police station.

"Zayn mate what the hell happen" Liam ask Zayn.
"Oh well I'll explain everything on the way back to the hotel" he grinned. He was holding Jennifer hand.

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