Chapter 21

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Chapter 21

They made their way through the woods following the map Morgan gave them incase they wanted to come. They'd been walking for 2hours then beth ran to the nearest bush.

"There's blood on it and not walker blood it's fresh. "

He nodded at her telling her to stay quite and alert they stepped quietly then they heard walking and pointed there weapons right.

"Beth, Daryl."

It was Carl with a bandage over his eye and blood like a veil over him.

"What the hell is going on!" They heard it gunshots and screaming.

"You have to help us please!"

He was sobbing.

"Where's Rick, Carol, Maggie, Glenn?"

"Glenn's dead."

There mouths dropped.

"What happened."

"A man murdered him. "

He paused.

"Maggie's dead. "

And Beth dropped

Noah came out of the woods.

"Beth take off your cast."

"What. "

"Take it off. "

She started to take off her cast and what she saw made her and Daryl's jaw drop a

A walker bite.

"Your immune. Me and you are the cure"

Plot twist!

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