Chapter 19

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The doctor really took ages to look what gender the baby will have. And he just didn't say a word. As he closed is doctor bag with all the necessary stuff  in it he sighed.
Oh crap what is he about to say?

He looked at me.

Doctor:" twins"

"You're joking"

Doctor:"No. A boy and a girl. Twins."

I didn't know what to say or feel.
Happy, shocked, excited, scared? I...really don't know..

It seemed that fortune wanted to make everything more difficult for Pagan and me. I lost Ajay as a friend, I lost my parents ( I called them and said that I would stay in Kyrat and why. They were shocked and believe that I'm not their daughter anymore) and Pagan lost his best friend. Yuma. Just the name makes me feel a sting in my heart. It's all my fault.

I realized that the doctor was gone and sighed. I heard something in front of the door. I grinned.

"You can come in now. I know you're standing there Pagan."

Pagan slowly opened the door. With his hands in his pocket he came to my bed and looked at me with a questioning expression.

Pagan:"And? How did it go?"

"It.....was strange. He didn't say much."

Pagan:"that's not what I meant darling."

"Oh yeah. Of course."

My hands were shaking. What..if he doesn't like that answer? What should I do?

"It's...a girl"

I slowly took his hands and his face had a very happy look on it.

Pagan:"That's great! I'm so happy!"


Pagan:"What's the matter?"

"...and a boy"









Suddenly he seemed cold and distant.


Pagan:"That's great"

He suddenly seemed chilled. But happy.

His nervosity was completely gone.

Pagan:"Two children...that's great"

He smiled.

I wasn't sure what to think.

Random letters shot through my brain, not able to form a real word. I was simply...confused.

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