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5 : 30 am

Dallas phone rings

Alli : *wake up and look and see it's his mom* Dallas *shaking him* Dallas it's your mom calling

Dallas : *grab the phone* Hello *fix his voice and sit up* Hello.. Alright.. Okay mom... Hahaha okay... Bye *hang up* She's sitting here telling me we got a hotel and were getting ready please don't look a mess..

Alli : hahaha *hold the pillow*

Dallas : *look behind his shoulder at her* ready for today ? *lay his hand on hers*

Alli : Yeah *hold his hand* Come on let's get ready

Jenna & Connor's Apartment

Today I have a special surprise for Jenna just hope that she likes it - Connor

Jenna : *putting her ear rings on* This is going to be the best day ever

Connor : Yeah but we have to hurry

Jenna : Okay let's take a picture first *hand her phone to him*

Connor : *hold up the phone and take a picture*


Jenna : *run over to Alli* ah ! *scream and hug her* You look so pretty !

Alli : You too ! *look over* oh my gosh.. Clare

Clare : Heyyy *hug them* So yall ready for this day... Nomore Degrassi ?

Alli : I'm gonna miss it here *peek out the curtain* I see my mom and dad sitting with...Dallas parents ?

Bianca : I wonder do they know who they're sitting next too

Jenna : Awww Bianca *hug her* ugh... I love her curly hair

Clare : I know *putting her cap on*

Simpson : *walking by* Ready my last favorite bunch of degrassians ?

Everyone : Yes !

Wienie Oh : Get in line ! Get in line !

They all line up. The music starts to play. They start to walk out and after they take their seats.

Simpson : Today is the day my seniors graduate... I had the best couple of years with them I'm sure Ice Hounds shocked Degrassi up but they calmed down and are more alert to not mess with some Degrassi students and Thank you Ice Hounds for representing our school. I hope you all have a great and wonderful future. Now to speak is as you all may know him as coach

Everyone clap

Coach : Its an honor to be representing Degrassi I believe we all made the right decision don't worry moms your boys have grown up so you can thank me later..


Coach : I've been with these boys since junior high they are a team they are brothers and even though they are moving onto better hockey Leeds *look at Dallas*

Dallas : No ones better than the Ice Hounds!

Coach : huh ?

Dallas : No ones better than the Ice Hounds !

Coach : Well there you go no ones better than the ice hounds and thank you again Degrassi



Simpson : Lady with sun shine Becky baker... Lady with the vocals Jenna Milton Our Science super stars Allia Bhandari and Connor Delurier Man with the plan Mike Dallas You can catch these two in Columbia writing and editing plays and books Elijah Goldsworthy and bad girl Bianca Delsusa last but not least party animal Drew Torrest

Imogens speech

I'm so happy to be graduating with everyone and I mean.. Everyone I'm so happy I've failed last year sad to say.. Hahaha but I've learned alot this year I don't want to make this speech too long but thanks Mr.Simpson and all the teachers and I want to add this Alli I'm so sorry but thank you Degrassi !

Dallas : *look down at her*

Alli : *nod her head at Imogen holding her heart*

Winnie O: Ready to toss the caps !?

*Claps and shouts*

Winnie : Everyone rise..

*The seniors stand up*

Winnie : Toss em !!

*They all throw their caps in the air*

Alli : *turn to Dallas and hug him*

Dallas : *hugging her*

Luke : *come to shake his hand* So long Ice hound

Alli : *stop hugging him*

Dallas : *shaking his hand smirking*

Luke : Aww man come on *hug him*

Dallas : hahaha *let go of him then look up at coach*

Coach : You did it !

Dallas : No you did it

Coach : No I taut you all how to play and gave you speeches and pushed you all you've done yelled at friends and best friends cut people from games and more... Nomore Ice Hounds your moving onto a whole new team

Dallas : *in hal and ex-hal smiling looking to the side your trying to make me cry ? *hug him*

Jenna : *crying* Oh my gosh *wipe her tears*

Connor : This is the next step baby

Jenna : I know so what is my surprise ?

Connor : Everyone Everyone quiet down please ?!

*Everyone look over at them*

Connor : *see that he got everyone attention then look at Jenna* Jenna *hold her hand* I love so much because... You accept the way I am

Jenna : *starts to cry because she's thinking about what happened in London*

Connor : Even though I'm not like Drew or Dallas I want to be normal but I can't I love waking up to you every morning.. I'm happy that were graduating together Uhg ! I'm not going to hold everyone up but Jenna I love you In giving you this promise ring *put it on her finger* Promise me you wont fall in love with anyone.... Normal ? Hahaha

Jenna : I promise *hug him* Alli Clare !

Alli : Yay !

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