Chapter 35

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I practically begged for them to move me to Louis room. I lay in the bed looking at him. I haven't taken my eyes off him in a while. I thought about our first date and how happy we were... but now our relationship is fucked up. I wish I could change it.

"Hey Lou I was just thinking about when we first met, and how simple it was back then. But now I fucked our relationship up and I might not be able to fix it.. but if you wake up then maybe we can have a decent date again hey? How does that sound? Good doesn't it?" I say tears falling as I spoke.

I got out of my bed and slowly walked to him somehow squeezing myself next to him and hugging him as I cry myself to sleep.


"Oh what you do to me

Oh what you do to me!" I softly sang thinking about how he sang that for his audition.

I give him a light kiss and rest my head on his chest. "I'm so sorry!" I wept.


3 weeks later

"Louis please come back! I need you more than anything. I'm sorry for how stupid I've been but please don't go! If you go..... I go! I can't survive without you by my side! No one can replace you! You're my one and only forever! I love you so fucking much! Don't leave me alone! You know I hate being alone! Please please please baby!" I sobbed knowing that the next day they were going to pull the plug if he doesn't wake up.

I never left his side literally. I didn't care what people say if Lou dies I'm not going to function without him. God please don't take him he's too young! He has people who love him, people who look up to him! Don't take him away from them!

It was the next day and they came into the room and I stared at them in horror. "I'm sorry!" The doctor sighed as to male nurses walked over to me. "No no no LOUIS WAKE UP!!!!" I screamed crying. Suddenly I felt his grip on my hand. "WAIT WAIT!!!" Scream but they didn't stop. " He's moving! !"

They stopped and looked at him. His hands were slowly intertwining with my hand. His eyes began moving and his eyelids slowly opened revealing his beautiful eyes.

"C - Carl - ley? " He croaked and I smiled hugging him. "You're back!" I screamed.

"How could I leave?" He gave me a weak crooked smile. I smiled and kissed his whole face. He smiled and kissed my lips. The doctors left and soon the lads came. Niall apologised and Louis forgave him.

If I lost Louis I don't know what I would've done.

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