Can i buy some time?

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Shit just got real.

Am i having one of my daydreams or something?

Nah. cos i am standing right in front of Abriana and she's not even flinching or blinking. I touch her black hair,something ive always wanted to do and its just as i imagined it.Silky and soft.

Ok, back in to business now. I watch Rufus and laugh out loud. Now the Hunter is being the Hunted.I push my way through the crowd that have gathered . There's no way they would have gotten to him in time. I grab the safety matress and place it right where he is gonna fall. Am thinking of adjusting his hands to hold that rope firmly but i stop. I dont want to change too much here. Now i have unfinished business. I set my eyes Abriana but before i go i slap each and every member of Rufus' gang. They deserve it don't they? With aching hands i reach out to Abriana. Today is the day. I position myself to kiss Abriana lightly cos i dont know when am gonna get another chance. i look into her blank eyes and just as i am about to kiss her... Gravity sucks me down.

"Pervert" Abriana shouts. I lie on the floor. Watching as everyone's attention is directed onto me. That's a hard push from a girl. She should join the girl's rugby team.

Now am confused. The blank faces of everyone has now turned to disgust. I watch as Rufus bounds up  from the safety mattress with confusion on his face but immediately he sees me the grin/scowl reappears on his face. His goons follow him toward where i am,still sitting on the floor. I cant help but notice the red faces of his gang. Its something like a blush but veerryy red.

"Well,well,well it seems like you lost afterall" Rufus says. "Man i saved your life right now look at how you thank me" i say. "You  think you're Batman or something Bag of bones? Now everyone started laughing and i looked like a well-versed idiot. Then i feel the tingling sensation in my arms and i clench my fist and run toward Rufus but faster than the blink of an eye am on the ground but before he and his goons could kick me Mr Darrel intervenes and dismisses the whole class.

Now i feel sore and i wish i would've let Rufus fall and none of that shit happened. But i can't go back in time can i? No. Maybe i can.

Ok. Wait am going crazy maybe Dad was right. Well i think its time to go home. Am sick and tired of this school. As i pick up my bag to leave i hear Mr. Darrel call out to me. I reluctantly turn my back and my heart nearly runs to the treadmill when he says "i saw what you did" . Now am totally freaking out. I dont want anyone else thinking am crazy. I act cool and say "well i know that i climbed that rope well but no one noticed after i fucked up.

"Language". He says.

He looks at me straight in the eye and says "you know what am talking about."

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