No school and jump scares

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*yokos pov *

I walk back home praying that my brother didn't stay home. He is an ass.he never really loved me. I got home and he's not home. Yea I'm AWSOME. I go up to my room and play on my laptop. I got bored of playing poker on Facebook. So I decided to play five nights at Freddy's 2. So far I'm on night 3. I heard the phone call and then foxy appeared in the hall. "Oh shit old Bonnie" I say as old Bonnie gets closer to my office. I put on the mask and he goes away. As soon as he got away I tried to wind the music box but it was too late. The puppet got me. "Fuck" I scream as the puppet jumps at the screen. I jump and fall of my bed. " Ugly word should not come from a pretty mouth." I heard I turn and see jeff. "What up my killah." I say he just rolled his eyes and helps me up." Thanks so what bring you here?" I say as I dust my self off and put my laptop on my bed. "Well I came to see you. And I am bored." I couldn't help but blush. No no no no no I am not fan girling over him he is jeff the killer I am a nameless nobody. If he did like me then I would date him. I guess I like him na. " Hey Yoko why are you frowning" " uh I was just thinking" " About....?" He said as if he was really wanting to know. " It's nothing so what are we going to do today" "we... Oh yea you can't go to school do you want to watch a scary movie" I nodded and we put in Annabel. As soon as a scary part happen I jumped in to jeffs arms and held on to him. Maybe this will be a good day. Later we played video games Jeff was a pro. "You go Jeff." " oh shut up and fight back" we laughed and later we fell asleep me on Jeff's chest and his arm around me it felt like I was at peace something I haven't felt that in a long time

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