Zayn pov.

It's been two days since the start of the tour and it all went really well. The crowds were awesome, the concerts went good and it feels good to be back on the road and on stage with the boys. However, I feel like it's gonna change a bit. After the concert tonight, my throat started to hurt a bit, so I went straight to bed, thinking it would just be over. Now, 4 hours later I woke up covered in sweat, feeling like shit. My stomache hurts, and my throat feels like it's on fire. I have a naseous feeling so I just get out of my bunk, trying to be quite, since it's 3 AM. I sit down on the couch and take deep breaths. Please don't be sick, please don't be sick. But it's not working, the feeling won't go away. I walk to the bathroom, only to find it locked. What? Who would be in the bathroom so long at this time? I also start to worry a bit, the naseous feeling is getting stronger and stronger, with no toilet to go to. I knock on the door. ''Who's there?'' I regnosize the voice, it's Harry. ''Zayn, could you unlock the door please. I really need to get in the bathroom.'' I feel my food coming up, so I quickly cover my mouth. ''Hurry!'' I say/yell, and Harry finally unlocks the door. He's white, and sweaty, but I don't say anything about it. I race to the toilet and begin to breath heavily over the bowl. I really don't want to be sick. A couple of dry heaves take over, and then I throw up everything I ate today. I hear Harry whine and splash water in his face before coming over to me, rubbing my back. After 5 minutes I'm finally done and I breath heavily over the bowl again. ''I think I'm done.'' I say, and Harry gives me a piece of toilet paper to whipe my mouth. Then I look up at him. He looks awful. ''You don't look to great Haz.'' I say, still shaking from what just happend. "I don't feel too well either. And I'm pretty sure you don't too. I was about to go into a cold bath because I feel like I might have a fever.'' Harry says, and I nod. I stand up, flush the toilet and I slowely walk to the mirror. I look pale. I splash water in my face and then walk back to my bunk. Trying to get a bit more sleep. 

Harry's pov.

Just after Zayn left Louis' comes in. He isn't feeling great either I guess. He looked awful, but didn't say anything. He just wanted to take a shower. I get out of the bath and let him take my space. I get a towel, dry myself and then slowely walk back to the living part of the bus. I sit down on the couch for a bit, when I begin to feel naseous. Ugh, this can't be happening. First Zayn, now me, and maybe Louis too. That will be a nice interview this afternoon.. I get a bottle of water and take some sips, hoping that it will calm my stomach a bit. 

Louis' pov.

I was glad Harry left. I don't feel good at all. My stomach hurts like hell, I'm dizzy, I feel hot and I also feel a bit naseous. I get in the bathtub, trying to cool down a bit. After 10 minutes the naseous feeling is getting worse, so I quickly get out the bathtub, not thinking about my wet feet and the slippy ground. I feel my food coming up and I try to race to the toilet, but I fail. I slip, and fall on my back. I end up throwing up all over myself and the floor and I don't know what to do. I don't want the boys to see me like this. I'm the oldest, I'm supposed to be the strong and independent one. I begin to sob and just then Harry comes in. Shit, I forgot to lock the door. He looks at me with wide eyes, but rushes over the toilet first. He hangs over it, probably throwing up everything he ate today too. I cringe at the awful sounds and try to get up and help him but the floor is way to slippy and I just fall back in my own throw up. When Harry is done he flushes the toilet and then comes up to me. ''Sorry you had to see that and that I couldn't help you. I'm not feeling to great either and Zayn is sick too. Let's get you cleaned up.'' Harry says, and I nod slowely. Harry helps me take off my dirty clothes and puts me in the shower. Then he decides to clean up the floor and throw the clothes in the washing machine. He also helps me get out of the shower and putting on new clothes. When we're done we walk to the living part and sit down. Harry gets buckets just to be sure and we just sit there. ''How can we all be sick?'' I ask, after Harry told me about Zayn being sick too earlier. ''Don't know, probably a flu or something. My head hurts too and my nose is stuffed a bit.'' After sitting there for a while I hear someone crying, and Harry seems to hear it too because he looks at me confused. We get up and walk to the bunks. It's Zayn, his bunk is coffered in vomit and it smells awful. Trying not to be sick we help him, comfort him and clean everything up. We walk him to the couch too and get him a bucket just to be sure. Not long after we hear another person rushing in the bathroom. Harry looks like he's gonna be sick, and Zayn doesn't look to good too, so I get up and walk over to the bathroom. I get in and see Niall sitting by the toilet, throwing up everything in his stomach. I sigh, rubbing his back and taking deep breaths, trying not to be sick from the sounds. When he's done I nearly push him out of the way to do the same thing. I breath over the bowl and then everything comes up. It even makes me cry a little. Niall tries to comfort me too and when I'm done we walk to the living part again. ''Let's hope Liam isn't sick, how can we do a interview like this?'' Zayn says, and Harry nods. ''Liam doesn't get sick easily though, he's never sick.'' Niall says, and the other boys agree. 

Niall's pov. 

But sadly, after a few minutes, me and the boys hear the awful sound of dry heaving and a couple of seconds later we hear vomit hitting the floor. Zayn can't stand this and starts throwing up in his bucket, and so does Louis. ''Here we go again.'' Harry says, and he walks over to Liam's bunk, cleaning up the mess. I comfort Zayn and Louis, and then stand up to help Harry. But I fall back straight away, dizzyness taking over. Better sit down then I guess. After a while Harry comes back with Liam and two buckets. One for Liam, and one for me. ''Well this is great, how are we gonna do the interview this afternoon, and the concert tonight?'' Louis says, slightly worried about the whole situation. ''I guess we should call Paul.'' Liam says, and the boys nod. Harry gets up to call Paul and he understands. We have to do the interview, but the concert can be canceled. They just need to do it tomorrow.

Paul's pov. 

When I got a call from Harry I was really worried. So now I'm going to their bus, just checking if everything is okay. When I get there I see the boys all looking very pale. Liam is throwing up, and so is Louis. Poor boys. ''Paul, could you stay here please? So you can take our tempatures and stuff? We all feel sick so it's hard to do stuff.'' Harry says, and ofcourse I can't say no. I take their tempatures and give them medicines. By the time they need to do the interview Harry and Niall feel a bit better, so I drive them there, taking buckets with me just in case and the other boys just need to rest. 

After 3 days all the boys were completly fine again.

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