#SciFriday Challenge 10 - The Perfect Valentine

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This is my entry for the 10th SciFriday Challenge. A Valentine themed story written in exactly 300 words and involving a proposal.

The following is exactly 300 words. There is a proposal in it... and the theme is Valentine related ^^

Hope you enjoy it... 


A perfect date! Their first Valentine...

They had a date scheduled since a month. All went according to plan. He was stunning in his Tuxedo. The celebration of love meant to be a display of the best he could offer; a spirited discussion with a fine diner in a fancy restaurant -- which woman would resist this? -- followed by an amazing night at the Opera, A Midsummer Night's Dream. The perfect date!

It was his first date, though he acted the part of a consumed Casanova; charming and profound, gallant and sophisticated. A true gentleman. Perfect table manners, intelligent, there were no situation he couldn't manage.

She had planned her night meticulously; first, the handmade dress highlighting her elegant figure, then a pampering spa-day. The dinner had stunned her; she never thought the restaurant would be this famous. She was intimidated by her surrounding, but, as a perfect gentleman, he helped her ease her worries and settle in the ambiance.

The Opera was another first for her. All her previous Valentines had been average. None had the class of this one. All went so well, she was tempted to offer him to come in for a coffee when he accompanied her to her doorstep. She abstained, however. They looked each other in the eyes, lost in the moment. She was expecting another date. He seemed to hesitate... then he made this proposition. She was left speechless, wondering if she heard correctly. Did he really asked her to...


The feedback on the simulation was excellent. The VAL project was finally giving results, the AI programming of the last prototype was almost perfect, despite a minor glitch at the end of the simulation that would need some patching. They would soon start the mass production of their new 'Ideal Boyfriend'...

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