My previous fear of seeing Jess felt weak when I saw who was leaning over the counter talking to her. James. Why the hell is he everywhere all of a sudden?

Jess smiles and her gaze flickers down to the bag in my hand. She knew exactly what it contained. So did James. She jumps up and down giddily and me and James both laugh. I stop abruptly when I realise we are laughing in sync. Hopefully Jess doesn't notice me stop.

I give her the bag and she tears it open to reveal 3 stacks of envelopes. Each one carefully written in all the guests' names.

She wraps her arms around me from over the counter and her freshly manicured nails dig into my skin and I release a screech which makes her pull away and stare at me quizzically.

"Don't kill the girl, babe," Satan says. Oops did I say Satan? I meant James.

"Whatever, get your hickey covered self behind this counter and start working," she commands. I flush and keep my head down as I lift the countertop and slide behind it.

Jess took the orders today while I made them. We usually switch off so we aren't stuck with the same old boring job every time we work.

"I love you too, baby." Ew gross. If only she knew that her fiancé was cheating on her. James would for sure stop once they marry, right?

I'm making order after order when I feel Jess's nail tap me on my shoulder. I turn around to face her and she whispers, "He's here and he's staring at you."

My eyes widen and I discreetly look past her and make eye contact with Harry. A smile tugs at his lips and he beckons me over.

"Jess, can you make the-" she grins. "Go get 'em, tiger." I roll my eyes but remove my apron.

Harry was leaning in his chair so the front two spokes were off the floor. He had on a white t-shirt and black skinny jeans. His hair was combed back out of his face but it was still slightly all over the place making it look- well how else do I put this... extremely hot.

"Hey, Rebecca," he smiles. "Hey," I say staring at the floor. I slide into the seat across from him and look up to see his dimples prominent on his grinning face.

"Are you free either tonight or tomorrow night?" I'm rather taken aback by the question and he seems to notice because he chuckles and says, "If not, that's okay. I'll just have to keep coming here everyday to see you." He comes here to see me? I can't help the joy that I feel.

Oh wait, he asked me a question. Tomorrow night I promised Liam I'd go with him to visit mum.

"I'm free tonight," I say looking up at him. "How about dinner?" An unbidden smile spreads across my face but I allow it to stay because nobody has ever asked me to dinner before. Well, only Liam but he doesn't count, he's family.

"That sounds great," I say still smiling. "Can I see your phone?" He asks. I unlock it and hand it to him. Harry types in his number and says, "I'll text you what time to meet me in the lobby." I nod and he gets up to leave while chugging his coffee down.

"See you tonight, Becca."

Becca? No one has ever called me that before. I've never really been one to like nicknames but I'm liking this one.

"Rebecca, what-" Jess starts. I cut her off by bringing my hand out in front of me. "What time can I leave?" I ask rather impatiently. "We'll, it's 9 now, so... 11 sound okay? I can handle until noon. That's when that new girl starts." Wait what?

"New girl?" I ask.

She stares at me blankly. "John hired a new girl because he always ends up taking the shifts we miss," she replies.

"Girl? I thought he said that if he were to hire anyone it would be someone who he can talk about the games with." She nods.

"She's a guyish kinda girl. Her name is... Julia. Yeah, Julia. That sounds about right. Oh, and why'd Harry leave? I mean, he had a really big smile when he walked out, but what happened?" She states.

"Nothing really. We're just going out to dinner tonight," I beam up at her.

She stands there, mouth hanging open, and eyes wide. I laugh slightly at her reaction and she waves her hands around in front of her.

"Go home right now and get ready. I'll cover you. Just go," she yells. "Jess, it's only 9," I laugh. "So go to the mall and buy something. Now, go!" I stand and walk back to the counter still laughing. "Call Sophia and have her come pick you up."

"Jess, I'm not leaving until 11," I say. "Oh yes you are. You just got asked out by Harry Styles. All my friends talk about is Harry Harry Harry. You're going right now. I'll call Sophia if I have to," she warns. I would not doubt for a second that statement.

"Hey, Sophia. Can you come pick me up possibly?" I say after she picks up on the second ring. "Are you okay, Rebecca. You just got there an hour ago, right?" I really hope she isn't with Liam. He will kill me.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Jess just really wants me to be prepared for a date tonight. Please don't mention any of this to Liam," I say. "Don't worry, he's working all day. How about we head straight to the mall from the coffee shop?" Thankfully I remembered my wallet.

"That sounds great. I'll be ready whenever you get here," I state. "Just give me 15 minutes. I need to change and I'll be right there," she reassures and hangs up before I can say anything else.

"15 minutes," I tell an impatient Jess as she groans and makes a coffee. I would help her but she seems like she's in one of those moods where she won't take help from anyone. She looks really focused and I don't want to disrupt her with the fear she might rip my hand off in the process.

"I'm actually jealous of you, Rebecca. He seems genuinely nice and like a gentleman from what I've seen so far at least. James doesn't even open the fucking car door for me," an elderly woman gasps at her comment while walking as fast as she can go with her bran muffin.

He's also cheating on you, my subconscious rudely remarks.

"Rebecca, you okay? You look pale." Oh, Jess. James is cheating on you. I want to say it so bad, to spare her the hurt of finding out on her own. "I'm fine," I lie and a white Toyota pulls up out front.

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