The begining

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I watched as the sun was getting down until the full moon came out... The ocean was quiet and peacefull. Since it was late I decided to go back home witch was pretty close to the beach. As soon as i got in i went to shower, just to avoid my dad asking me why did i take so long at the beach.

The truth is that since i was little i've always felt like i belonged in the ocean. It's like... My home. All the few people living here have blonde hair, including my dad and my sister. Me? Well not so much... My hair is a dark black and my eyes are some sort of cristalizing water color,I really dont know.

As soon as i get out of the shower I dried my hair and put some clothes on still staying shirtless as always. I went down to the kitchen and my dad was there. I quickly rolled my eyes playfully and smirked.

"Ok you got me, ask away" I said in a teasingly way.

Dad chukeled and placed one hand on my shoulder. "Nah, ill let you go this time... I know the beach is you're "home" as you say."

"Thanks" i said and took food out the fridge and ate like a dog that hasn't eaten in weeks.

"Woah there, you can't be full if you're gonna go swimming at 5:40 in the morning" he chukeled.

I held my mouth open as i was about to take a bite from a apple. "Wait, how did you know that?" I raised one eyebrow.

"Xion, im you're father. I know what you are gonna do" he smiled.

I examined his look and quickly said "It was daryah wasn't it?"

"Uuuuuh nnnoooo" he looked away as he spoke.

"Aw come on dad, stop bribing her to tell you what i will do. I swear im never gonna speak to her again."

"She's you're little sister xion, that's her job." He laughed softly.

I rolled my eyes and smiled. "Yeah, i guess so... DARYAH!!! COME HERE!"

Daryah slowly peeked into the kitchen and looked. "Oh, you're finally back~ I was so worried about you."

"Daryah im 18 i think i can take care of myself better than a 7 year old can" i laughed.

"Hey! I may be a little girl but i still care!!" She looked at me angry and her eyes got watery fast.

"Oh crab, im so sorry i was just kidding, im sorry daryah." I quickly hugged her tight and lifted her up.

She giggeled and she gave me a big hug. "Forgiven!" She smiled kissing my cheek.

"Ok you two, now of to bed or else you wont be able to wake up" he smiled.

Daryah yawned and i took her to sleep. Dad and i talked for a little while and then he went to sleep. I layed in my bed for a few minutes and slowly fell asleep.

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