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Her eyes are shut tight.Suddenly,she shrieked violently,trembled uncontrollably and gritted her teeth noisily.She screamed and sobbed.

He was awaken by her loud scream.She looked like a frightened girl and an angry witch.Panic,pain and anger shone in her eyes.

He hugged her so tight because she dreamed of her worst nightmare.She pushed him hard wanting to break free from his embrace.He held her hands but she fought violently.He was surprised that she is so strong for her thin and petite frame.

"No no no please..."she begged while tears and mucus are dripping in her face.He wiped it gently with his t-shirt.

Shit!What am I going to do now?

He is getting worried every passing second.He can feel the all-consuming black hole of insanity,anger and pain looming behind her and sucking all the resilience in her soul and the reasoning in her mind.

She is now sitting in the corner of the room,her head in between her knees and she is covering her ears.She started to hit her head with her fists.He grabbed her hand but she shoved him and run as fast as she could.She slammed the door violently.

Damn it!he cursed.

Panic seized him.He followed her and sprinted.His heart's beating so fast and his mind conjured the most horrifying scenario that could ever happen to her.

He need to find her!

He searched every room and shouted to his househelpers.

He climbed down the long flight of stairs and saw her lying in the sand.He watched her closely.He knew he can't hug her or comfort her because it would remind of her nightmare.He heard her cry,stomped her feet and shouted.

He decided to help her in another way.He called his househelpers and demanded them to bring dozens of plates and glasses.He slowly walked towards her and handed her the plates.She stared at him fiercely.Confusion registered in her panic-stricken face.

"Throw all these glasses and plates.Shout and cry all you can until all the pain and hatred are gone."he stated flatly but his eyes revealed pain mirroring her own pain.

He grabbed her hands gently,positioned herself facing from the rocky side of the mountain and placed the plates and glasses below her feet.He walked away to give her time.He watched nearby.He had to let her do it on her own.

She cried,cursed,shouted and threw violently all the hundred plates and glasses one by one until it hit the rocky mountain and shattered into million pieces.The sound of every plates clattering and breaking made her skin crawl but she never paid attention to it.All the pain,depression,bitterness,anger and the overwhelming urge to kill surged like a great tidal wave and carried her mind and heart to a primitive place in her being where logic,reason,comprehension or love holds no power.She picked up the shards of broken glasses and he stabbed the ground repeatedly until her hands hurt and blood gushed out from her broken skin.

Warm crimson blood flowing between her legs...cigarettes burning her skin...beers swishing in her body....sticky semen clinging to her body..the amplified sound of her black dress getting ripped flashed back in her mind.

She can still feel,smell,see and perceive all the wounds,burns,bruises,searing pain and numbing gunshot and the gory scenes are getting more vivid and magnified inside her head.

She released a long,loud shrill of cry until her voice became hoarse and her throat felt raspy.The cool sea breeze suddenly became thick and heavy and it coiled in her body like a boa constrictor.She can't breathe and she is drowning.Suddenly,a strange calm feeling of detachment settled in her body,she collapsed in the sand while the endless stream of blood are flowing from the open,deep wound in her hands.

God damn it!He run swiftly,scooped her limp body and hugged her tightly.His greatest fear clutched his heart and mind.

"Kayleigh...Kayleigh....Kayleigh wake up!"he shouted while gently tapping her face.He can hear her heartbeat but she did not open her eyes.

He frantically run and ascended the long flight of stairs and called the doctor and the psychologist.His hands are trembling with so much fear while he is cleaning her wounds and putting a bandage on it.He doesn't want her to lose her mind.He will turn the universe upside down just to restore her health.He shouted at his driver and the pilot to pick up the doctors or they will all be damned!

They never saw him like this before.Yes,he is an arrogant, ever-demanding and evil boss but he never saw them getting afraid before not even once until now.

He must be in love!His nanny named Dolores mused to herself.

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