skylar woke up to the sound of arctic monkeys blasting through her phone. she sat up and stretched, letting her eyes adjust to the sunlight peering through her bedroom curtains.

she jumped out of bed and walked over to her closet, picking out an oversized sweater and high waisted shorts with some tights. skylar walked out of her room, to the bathroom and hopped into the shower.

once she was finished she got dressed and put her hair into a messy bun. she went downstairs and into the kitchen to make herself some cereal.

she looked over to the island and read a note from her parents

dad and I have been called into work early. you'll have to take the bus to and from school. we'll be back around 7, love you xox

skylar's parents didn't bother with her that much anymore. they were hardly ever home and when they were they didn't take any notice of her.

she finished her cereal then looked at the clock for the time "8:13"

the bus will be arriving soon she thought. she ran up the stairs, into the bathroom and brushed her teeth and applied her makeup. she walked across the hall and into her room, putting on her converse and grabbing her bag and jacket. she shoved her phone in her pocket and quickly ran downstairs and out the door, locking it behind her.

she walked to the bus stop and got her phone out on they way. skylar unlocked her phone and looked at her messages

unknown number: hi skylar

skylar: who are you?

unknown number: michael

skylar: michael who?

michael: you'll see

skylar: this doesn't make sense. wtf???¿?

michael: your vvv pretty skylar :-)

skylar: you don't know what I look like

michael: I know more about u than u think

michael: ur sister died of cancer

michael: we're in the same maths class

michael: ur parents ignore u

michael: ur favourite colour is black bc it resembles ur soul

skylar: fuck off michael.


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