That question is sexual

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Hey Bitches

Today, this boy who sits behind me asked me a few questions, this was our conversation:
Guy: What's your name
Me: *name
Guy: What school did you come from?
Me: *school name
Guy: do you like here more?
Me: Yes
Guy: Are you keen?
So now at this moment I didn't know what that meant but I had a feeling it was something s*exual
So when he asked me that I just raised my eyebrows (idk how to raise one so I raise both)

So when I raised my eyebrows, he took it as if I was asking "wtaf"
So he laughed

When the lesson ended I searched it on the Internet,
I'm guessing you guys already know what that means and I am glad with how he interpreted my answer!

I'm not a hoe! He's a hoe for thinking that I'm a hoe!

May the odds be in your favor

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