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Itachi pov:

I, and other ANBU were ganging up on the intruder, it was a little girl, she was trembling, "s-s-stay away!" She stammered, I looked at some ANBU, and nodded, they nodded back and launged for her she screamed, they grabbed her arms, she screamed and kicked trying to get free, "NO! GO AWAY!!!! LET ME GO PLEASE!!!!!!" She cried then she sobbed and cried begging for us to let her go, her black hair all over her face, which was now stained with tears "NO!!PLEASE! GO AWAY!"" Captain? ""Knock her out -""NO! You big meanie!!!!what do you want?????!"" I want ks for you to come queitly "I said, she shook her head" your a kidnapper!!

",I knelt to her height "no, I'm an ANBU: come nicly, please?" I say, she hesitantly nods, then I tell her to climb on my back, amd we go away"what's your name? "I ask

"A-alice drew"

Alice pov:

"A-alice drew" I say, then I lay my head on his shoulder and close my eyes, I smiled a small smile, I liked the wind rushing on my hair, it was a Nice feeling and I liked it, I felt eyes on me bit I didn't care, soon I felt my self drifting to sleep, probebly because I haven't slept in a long time, I heard him knock on a door but this didn't stop my sleep, "itachi where......."and darkness engulfed me .

Itachi pov:

"Itachi, where's the intruder?" The hokage asked me, danzo and the other elders were there, including ikibi morino, the interrigator "lord hokage, the intruder was just a little girl""where is she? "Danzo demanded, "Ali-"I stopped short and looked at her.she's .sleeping?"uhhhh....captaian? "I sighed, then looked at her and smiled she discribes one word: adorable

,I take her off my back and shake her gently "mmm.....kidnapper?"she asked, I Sigh again ."no I'm an ANBU"" kidnapper works for a better discription"she said bluntly, the hokage laughed at her, and she's jumped "talk about laugh out loud "she muttered, he laughed some more "what's your name? ""A-alice drew"" hmm...Alice are you a ninja? ""No ""would you Like to be one? ""Ok, I guess ""how old are you? ""5""hmmm... a bit too young, but that's ok "he said with a smile "here's your apartment keys and some money"" ok, 1 question ""and that is ""why's he glarimg at me? "She asked shyly, pointing at danzo "don't mind him, Alice ""o-ok, b-bye "she said and ran out, "itachi, watch her, I put her near the uchiha compound to make it easiar "he said Seriously, I nod and head home .

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