Part 23:

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Lilie POV:

I sat quietly on the sofa next to Joe. We were silent. I couldn't believe what was going to happen.

I was about to tell Logan that I was pregnant with his child. But how would I start it?

I felt my stomach, it was already getting bigger. I was always the slimmest but now I'm not I'm already becoming the fatest.

I heard footsteps upstairs. I froze. My heart beat fastened and I felt like I was going to faint. "Lili! Calm down it'll be fine" Joe said looking worried.

"Zoe!!" He shouted. I rocked myself back and forth hearing muffled noises around me.

Zoe ran down and noticed me. "Lili!" She said coming to me and hugging me "Calm down, it'll be okay"

10 minutes later I stopped panicking and drunk a class of water. "Alright now?" Joe asked me.

I nodded. "Yeah alright just nervous" I said turning towards him. He looked calmer now.

Suddenly the toilet flushed and I looked around. Joe was next to me and Zoe was behind me that would mean that it was Logan.

I felt sick. Morning sickness is definitely coming and it's going to be annoying.

I fell to the floor suddenly. I sat there starring at the floor with Zoe at my side. Joe went upstairs to bring Logan down.

"I can't do this Zoe!" I whispered. She looked at me "You can, you have to be strong" she told me.

2 seconds later Logan enters looking confused. "What's going on? Lil? Why are you on the floor?" He said raising an eyebrow.

I stood up with Zoe for support as I wasn't sure if my legs were going to support me.

"Log I -" I started but suddenly there was a flip in my stomach. I could feel the sick ready to come out.

I sprinted to the bathroom and was sick. I hated being sick, always have always will.

As I opened the bathroom door I saw them all standing there now joined with Alfie.

I raised both my arms and said "I'm pregnant!" And then collapsed them at my side.

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