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The Day The Hounds of Justice Fell...

No One's pov

The Shield all stood tall in the ring. Glaring at Evolution and Stephanie McMahon at the ramp. Seth Rollins had a chair. He knew exactly who he was gonna use it on.

"There's always a Plan B..." Triple H says.

The Shield looked at him in confusion. Roman took a step forward and then Seth pushed Angelina out of the way drove the chair into Roman's already bruised back as Angelina hit the ground. Roman fell to the bottom rope.

Dean looked on in complete shock. Angelina moved he hair and looked on in horror as her legs curled and she used her arm to support her weight.

Dean went for Seth but Seth then drilled the chair into Dean's gut and then started beating him with it.

Angelina pleaded Seth to stop it then went and checked on Roman. Angelina then got up and turned to getting a chair shot to the face.

She fall to her side, holding her face. Blood coming out for sure. Multiple chair shots were given to the body of Angelina Bryan.

"Stop this! This is getting out of hand!" Cole yells.

"Get some help out here!" Jerry yells.

Roman crawled over and climbed on top of Angelina and shielded her from the chair shots. Roman taking them all to the back and sides.

"And Roman Reigns just shielding Angelina Bryan from the chair shots of Seth Rollins!" Cole says.

Triple H, Randy Orton, Stephanie McMahon, and Seth Rollins took the vests off of Reigns and Bryan and then Randy started giving chair shots to Reigns and then Ambrose.

Angelina crawled and climbed onto her boyfriend. She took Orton's chair shots to the back and then her stomach.

Reigns, Ambrose, and Bryan were down. The Authority smirking and laughing. Rollins staring down at a beaten and bruised Angelina. Wanting to help her.

Bryan started coming around and got to a knee.

Orton smirks and The Authority already knew what was coming. Seth wanted to stop it. He always loved Angelina. But she loved Dean.

Angelina was on her hands and knees. Randy ran and hit the punt kick on Angelina. Angelina was unconscious.

Seth had turned away when it happened. He knew it. He was in love with Angelina. That's why he did this.

As Ambrose and Reigns came to, they saw their fallen princess. They crawl over to her. Doctors surrounding her.

Ambrose grabbed her hand and felt her limp. He and Reigns grab her hands. Motionless.

They drag their bodies towards their fallen and unconscious sister and follow the paramedics as they rush Angelina out to the back on a stretcher.

Angelina had blood all around her right eye. Gushing out. Bruises and cuts all up and down her body from the waist up. She was the most beaten of all of them. Bandages and body parts wrapped on her.

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