Chase’s POV

I just sat there. Sitting behind the wheel of my car, in my driveway, trying to think back to where things went wrong between Erika and me. How and when did things get so fucked up for us? Six months ago, when I found Erika crying on the beach, I would have never guess that we would go through so much with each other. I will admit that at first, I was only with Erika to get over Monica. Don’t get me wrong, Erika is an amazing and beautiful person, and I love her more than life itself. I just wasn’t looking for anything serious at the time, but then somewhere down the line, I really started liking her. As we spent more and more time together, my feeling towards her grew stronger. She made me feel things I never thought I could feel for anything or anyone.  She brought meaning to the word life. Whenever I was with her, I did nothing, but laugh and smile. She was truly my source of happiness and joy. I felt complete with her.

Getting out the car, and shutting the door behind me, I walked in the house. “Chae! Chae! Look mommy Chae’s here.” My niece, Jazlyn yelled, running towards me with her arms open wide. Opening my arms, she jumped into them, latching hers around my neck.

“Hey baby girl. What did you do today?” I asked, squeezing her as tight as she was squeezing me. Laughing, she pretended like she was suffocating and pushed away from me, so I put her back on the ground.

“Mommy bought me a new coloring book and crayons!” Her little hazel eyes lit up with happiness. “Do you want to see the picture I colored?” She ran off before I could even answer. She was back before I had the chance to miss her. ”Look, look, look!” She waved the book in the air. Climbing onto one of the chair at the dining table, she laid the book down, and turned to a picture that had four people having a picnic on the page. There was three girls and a boy.

“Who are these people, Jazzy?” I asked, picking her up, and took a seat before seating her on my lap.

“Well, these two are mommy and me.” She pointing at the first two girls that were poorly colored in pink and purple, eating a couple of apples. I smiled. It’s like she purposely tried to go outside the lines. I trailed my figures over the other two people on the page. It was clear that I was the boy because of the green eyes she had colored in. I looked at the girl sitting next to me and automatically knew that it was Erika because of the tan skin. “And these two are-”

“Erika and me.” I finished for her.

“Yes! How did you know?” She asked with biggest smile on her face. Smiling back at him, I engulfed her in my arms and started tickling her.

“It. Was. A. Lucky. Guess.” I said in between tickles. Jazzy was laid out in my lap, laughing and screaming, trying to escape but I had her pinned under my arms.

“Ch-chae st-op it! Uncle Chae pleeeasse!” She laughed. Ignoring her, I continued to tickle her. She tried to pry my hands from her body but she was too weak from the laughter, which cause her scream in laughter even more.

“Okay, that’s enough you too.” My sister, Stacey, said as she walked into the dining room. Jazlyn go pick up your toys and get ready for your nap.” I heard a groan escape Jazlyn’s mouth.

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