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-your POV-

~The Next Morning~

Hikaru's arm was snaked around me. I HAVE TO GO PEEEEEE!!!!!! I tried to slip out of his grip for it to only get tighter around my waist. GGGRRRRR!!! I poke his face, he only tightened his grip even more. I'M GOING TO PISS MY SHORTS!!!!!! I finally just slap him. "OW WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU SLAP MEH?!" he yells while holding his cheek. "Because I have to piss and you won't let me go and I'm pretty sure you gripping me tight enough to leave a bruise!" he looks down and notices his death grip on my waist, " SHIT, I'm sorry." I giggle "It's okay." he lets go and watches me run to the bathroom.

~Hikaru's POV~

Well that was embarrassing. But DAMN that chick slaps hard..... I LIKE IT. She came back in record time. She must've really had to pee. I pulled her down to my lap. "What's on the agenda today, BABE." I smirked as she blushed when I said babe. "Well I kinda just wanted to be lazy and watch Netflix(those who don't know I'm obsessed with Netflix!!)" she give me an innocent little smile. "If I get cuddle time then, yeah I'm in." "Just put some clothes on before my parents come and check on me." I did as told and we watched the Hunger games, The Ring, Spongebob, and Batman. Her parents came to check on us a few times and make sure we clothed. She told them that we were together and they told me to stay for dinner, I kindly agreed because they said the were eating PIZZA and I love pizza!!

So I'm making this chapter shortish today sorry i didn't update on the weekend I meant to but I had some personal troubles to deal with(again). LOVE you guys you are my SAVIOURS.


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