The Last Chapter

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The nurse pushes the wheelchair slowly along the church aisle.

It was a full packed church and my mom has made them postpone the funeral service because I showed up and I only had short time to say goodbye.

I knew everyone was looking at me, but I only fix my eyes at Jimmy's casket in the front.

It was like a wedding, I thought. I walked down this aisle, and Jimmy is waiting in front. The only difference is I am wearing a black veil instead of a white gown, and Jimmy is laying inside a casket instead of standing at the end with a smile on his face, excited to be my husband.

Oh dear Lord. Why.

Why. Why. Why.

I begin to hear sobs from the guests. As I get closer to Jimmy, I tell myself to be strong.

Please, I say to myself, please don't faint.

As I get even closer, my head starts to play these images of Jimmy. He was smiling, he was laughing, he was kissing me, he was holding my hand while we walk along the street of New York, he was playing footsie during dinner, he was spooning me in bed, he was kissing the back of my neck.

And there he really was.

Laid inside, with his eyes closed.

He looks so handsome.

"Are you okay?" the nurse hisses. She grips my hand tight to help me stand.

I nod, "I need some alone moment with him, please."

She nods, letting go of my hand and slowly step backwards.

I look at Jimmy's face and all of a sudden, I hear that Elvis' song my mom was singing about her first love yesterday by the pond.

Wise men say only fools rush in
but I can't help falling in love with you
Shall I stay
would it be a sin
If I can't help falling in love with you

I take off the ring he gave me, and slip it underneath his palm. While I squeeze his fingers tight for the very last time, I close my eyes and kiss his lips.

Like a river flows surely to the sea..
Darling so it goes
some things are meant to be
take my hand, take my whole life too
for I can't help falling in love with you.

"Goodbye, baby," I hiss. "See you."

I look back to the nurse. She jumps to help me immediately, assisted by some guy I don't know. They sat me back on the chair and turn my wheelchair around.

I see the whole church has stood up.

I look at every face that looks at me with grief.

I hug Jimmy's parents, before I was dragged slowly out of there.


The nurse calls William's number the moment we arrive at the back of the church. The front area was packed with paparazzis, so there is no way I can pass there.

"He's coming in two mins," the nurse tells me, "He had to park a bit far because so many media."

I nod. "Thank you."

We were waiting and suddenly there's a voice.


We both turn our heads. It's James Gates.

"Pamela, I am very sorry," he walks toward me.

I look at him. He stops in front of me and says again, "I am sorry for your loss."

I smile politely, "Thank you, James."

"And I'm sorry for what happened in Aus-"

A car stops in front of us. The door slams opened and two bodyguards jump out fast.

"Hurry, before the press finds out," one of the bodyguards says to me.

James looks at William who is sitting inside the car, talking on his phone.

"Wait, what are you going to do now?" James asks me.

"Frankly, I have no idea," I say. The bodyguard helps me to stand up, "See you, James."

I get inside the car beside William and the driver steps on the gas.

"Everything is all set," William says, getting off the phone, "I got you a cottage in the country like you wanted. If you don't mind, I will stay with you there."

He looks at me. I nod slowly.

"Okay," he says.

I look back through the window. James is still standing there, watching.

Goodbye, New York.

### THE END ###

Thanks guys for reading! I should tell you that this is not the final ending, because I have one more story called "Pamela, the Princess" to complete the trilogy. Will she end up with William? You will soon find out :)

Thanks again for reading this far! xxx

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