“Tilly! Can you come over? Like right now?” Troye said, loud enough to make the boy on the other line cringe. “Why? I’m still sleepy.” Tyler said in his hoarse voice. “Because I have to show you something! More like must, though.” Troye said, loudly but decreased his volume at his last sentence. “Yeah, yeah. I’ll head off now.” Tyler said, as he stepped out of his bed.

“Yay!” Troye jumped on his bed while he still held his phone on his ear, although he knew that Tyler hung up already. Troye stopped jumping on his bed and sat down again as he turned his gaze to his laptop’s screen which made him down all of a sudden.

A few minutes later, Tyler arrived. He took the keys to Troye’s house under his rug mat. Once he found the keys, he inserted the key to the hole and the moment the door opened he ran as fast as Speedy Gonzales. He ran to Troye’s room only to find Troye’s throwing empty gazes to his laptop’s screen. Tyler was curious, so he had a peek on Troye’s laptop screen which shows a website that tests a person’s sexuality and interests.

“Is this what you’re going to show me?” Tyler asked, feeling no urgency at all. Troye didn’t budge nor answer his question. He’s still throwing his empty gazes to his laptop’s screen. Tyler decided to wait for some time, so he did. He waited for five minutes yet; Troye’s still haven’t finished his eye war with his laptop. Tyler groaned, he waited long enough. Tyler got up and was ready to tickle him, but he was too late. Troye suddenly got up, “Troye is hungry, and Troye wants food! Troye doesn’t want Bigote to tickle Troye.” Troye growled. Troye went out of his room, while Tyler was eyeing him weirdly. Tyler turned his gaze to Troye’s bed and found Troye’s laptop sitting on his bed merrily.

As usual, curious Tyler has always been curious about everything. Tyler clicked on the history of Troye’s browser and found a link named ‘Results’. Tyler decided to click on it.

‘What kind of result is this?’ He thought. He saw a text on the center of that page saying, “Mr. Troye Sivan Mellet, you are certified as gay! Congratulations! You better come out soon.” The page said, Tyler’s jaws dropped bigger and bigger after every word he was reading.

He suddenly heard footsteps and closed Troye’s laptop lid, acting all fine. Troye appeared on the corners of his door frame, leaning. “So you saw the results already?” He asked, smiling sourly.

“Um, what results? I was just scrolling through your tumblr.” Tyler said as he laughed it off, awkwardly. Troye smirked at him, lifting one of his eyebrows up making him look like Charlie Chaplin. Tyler couldn’t help but tell the truth, since he’s honest. “Y – Yeah, I saw it.” He said, scratching the back of his neck awkwardly.

“But why are you interested in boys anyways? Boys doesn’t have any holes.” Tyler asked, curious. “You curious little devil! I like boys because I like them! Holes are never the main reason here.” Tyler said, wisely.

“Then what about you? Are you even straight?” Troye asked the latter as he stared into his eyes, finding hints. “I don’t even know.” Tyler face palmed himself. He’s not even clear about his sexuality. “I’m actually having problems in finding the true me. I don’t even have any plans for my future, if I stopped doing videos. My life is just plainly hopeless.” Tyler said, depressed.

“Don’t worry Tyler! Sivan the king will help you!” Troye said as he sat up straight and patted Tyler’s back. Tyler smiled at him and hugged him. “Thanks bro, you’re the best.” Tyler said, sincerely. “You’re welcome, but you’re going to help me shoot my coming out video right?” Troye asked him as he pulls off. “Of course, dude! You don’t have to worry about that.” Tyler said as he assured him. “Okay then,” Troye said as he smiled at him making him beam back at him.

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