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Later that night

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I didn't know what to wear or wear we were going. I should've ask were we were going, oh well. I put on a white shirt and some jeans. I combed my hair and I heard a ding at the front door. I rushed Down stairs and opened the door. Thank god, I saw him in jeans and a t shirt.

"We are we going." I asked.

"You will see."

I hopped in his car.

" Now can I know where we are going."

"Not yet" he said.


I pulled out my book.

" What is up with you and your books" he said.

"Have you ever seen a book,or read a book.

"Not in a few years" he said


I handed I'm imperial affliction.

"Oh.this book"

"What about it"

"Gus told me about it. he said it was the best book he has ever read ."

We finally arrived at are destination.... it was KFC

"Really" I said.

"Classy right"


He opened the door for me and we headed inside

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