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Dear Jason,

I went to a museum. an actual real-life museum and it was amazing.

Museums are always made out to be boring but it's ridiculous. They are one of the most fascinating places in the whole of this universe. All of my history and your history and the world's history crammed into one tour, 7 sections and 100's of rooms. Represented by fossils and simulators and displays and giant replicas of the Earth's crust. Thousands upon thousands of crystals and gems and rocks all in the space of 50 meters, precious stones glinting behind the glass cases for everyone to see.

It's wonderful - breath taking.

I think museums are great. They are kind of like a photo album for the world, showing it's memories and it's good and bad times.

Anyway, I went to a museum... which was new. I know we used to go when we were little, mum used to take us but the truth is, I don't remember any of it.

Also - London. London, London, London, London. I bloody love it. I swear take me to London and I act like a tourist, even though I've been there multiple times before. So much history and so many old buildings, some of them are beautiful!

Sorry this has been a short one from me but I'm uber busy with work and it's coming up to Christmas soon! Merry Christmas Jason by the way, I wish you were with us but I know you can't be this year, still I'll think about you on Christmas. No point in sending a present, I know you won't get it, I think the postage is too expensive.

So yeah, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,

Love, Rosie

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