Grub Kankri x Reader

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You placed your hands over your ears. The little wriggler would not shut up! He kept trying to talk again and again about who knows what. Don’t kid yourself though. You love the little baby troll. Kankri Vantas just had a way with words, and a lot of them, even as a grub. Although before he mysteriously turned into a young one again, you had to put in earbuds and play music to block him out. It was easy to hide it because he was so distracted in himself, and his long explanation on triggers.

A little leg poked your arm and you looked down to see Kankri. He had finally shut up to see why the heck you weren’t listening to him.

“Kankri, baby, I have no fucking idea what you’re saying. It all sounds like squeaks and squawks,” you tried to explain. He gave you a sad expression. Petting his head, you lifted him up and placed him on your shoulder. “How would you like me to read you a story?” He squeaked in excitement. You picked out a book and Kankri instantly squeaked shaking his head. Another one that was bigger and he nodded.

You knew it wouldn’t take much into the story for him to fall asleep but you thought you’d indulge in his desires for now. The book was one you liked though too. It was Lord of The Rings. Kankri as a wriggler probably didn’t know that though, he just noticed it was big and likes listening to long stories before a nap. Once you got to the part where Frodo was in Bree Kankri was fast asleep and had slipped from your shoulder to your lap. “Good night.” You said laying your head back and reading more silently to yourself.

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