Your Valentine With Him Part 1

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It's valentine and you were in a hurry because Nash was taking you out for a date . You wore your white top dress with black belt and 2 inch high-heeled white shoes . You put on some foundation and eyeliner , mascara and lip gloss for make-up and curl your hair . The bell rang , and you walked to the door . You opened it to see a handsome-looking Nash . " Hey Y/N . Wow you look pretty " , he said scanning his eyes from the top to the bottom of you . " Thanks . You too " , you said winking . He held out his hand and lead you to his car . He opened the door and gestured you to get in . " Thanks Mr . Grier " , you giggled . " You're welcome Ms . ( Y/F/N ) " , he said winking at you . He drove about 20 minutes to arrive at the restaurant that you guys will having a dinner at . When you guys arrived , he held your hand and walked to the front desk . " Reservation for Mr . Grier " , he said to the lady . " Oh right this way " she said leading you guys to your table . She walked past all of the regular table and walked in to the special room . There was a pink-scented candle in the center and your favourite colour napkins . " Oh Nash " , you said smiling . " Only the best for you precious " , he smiled . He pulled out your chair for you to sit . " Thanks again Mr . Grier " , you giggled . " You're welcome again Ms . ( Y/F/N ) " . Your meal was ready and had been put on your table and before you guys eat Nash held out a small box . " Y/N . I love you with all my heart . I want you to stay with me and I promise you that I will take care of you for the rest of my life " , he said holding out a silver bracelet with a light-blue coloured heart out of the box . He then tied it around your neck . Your eyes started to tear with joy . " Oh Nash " , you said pecking his lips to thank him . As you backed away , he pulled you again and kiss you with more passion .


" Okay . What are you doing ? " , you asked your boyfriend Matthew . " Emm ... nothing . Just keep walking " , he said with his hands on your face closing your eyes . You guys then stopped walking . " Okay . You can open your eyes now " , he instructed . You did as he said and you gasped . There were rose petals everywhere on the living room's floor .You saw Matt smirking at you standing near the light switch and he turned it off . It was dark and you felt he held your hand leading you and gesturing you to sit on the couch . Then the tv was on and you guys were watching ' The Notebook ' . You guys were cuddling while you watch the movie . Although you guys didn't go for outdoor on your valentine , but it's still a special and the best day for you .


" Can't I take it off now ? " , you asked your boyfriend Cameron . " Not yet " , he said . He put a blindfold on you and you were in his car . He wanted to give you a surprise but he only told you to dress nice . After a few minutes of him driving he said , " Wait . Don't move . I'll be right back and help you out of the car . And don't take off that blindfold unless I told you to " . " Okay " , you replied back laughing nervously . After a few minutes being alone in the car you felt Cam's arms lifting you out from his car . " Hey babe . Miss me ? " , he said kissing on your forehead . " No babe " , you said jokingly . " Now where are you taking me ? " you asked . " Ain't telling ya " , he giggled . Then you felt he put you down on your feet . " Okay here we are now . Take off your blindfold " , he instructed . You took it off and you gasped . You were on the rooftop of a fancy restaurant and there was a circular table with a candle lighting on it . " Cam . This is amazing " , you said in excitement . " Anything for you babe " , he said winking at you . He pulled out your chair for you to sit and thanked him . You guys ate roasted steak and a rich chocolate fudge for dessert . Before you guys leave , he held out a little box and pulled out a silver ring . He kneeled down before you . " Y/N . I love you and this is my promise ring for you . Will you be the love of my life ? " , he said . Your eyes started to fill up with tears . " Oh yes . Yes , I do " , you said tears falling from your cheeks . He smiled and slid down the ring on your finger . You gave him a big hug and he wiped down your tears with his thumbs . You guys then began to press on each other lips .

A/N : Hey , valentine is around the corner . So , I'm making stories about valentine . Haha , I hope you guys like it on Matt's part . Haha . I know it's too short and lame :' ) . Sorry . By the way , that ( Y/F/N ) stands for your family's name on that Nasshhyy part . I promise that I will complete this valentine part before valentine ends . Bye . #LoveBerthaxoxoLol

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