Chapter 10

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Regina went to find Angela, when she found her Regina told her that she agreed to be a cheerleader
"OMG OMG OMG!!!" Sophie clapped exited
"Here's your uniform" Angela gave her a cheerleader uniform "you have to wear it every day" she said smiling at Regina
"Say what?" Regina asked unbelievably "I'm not gonna wear that everyday" she says
"What's wrong?" Leila said behind her "too fat?" She smirked
Regina smiled at her "no, too curvy" she looked at Leila "at least I do have curves"
Leila was so angry she turned red, Regina turned to see Angela again
"A day a week" Regina said, they stares at her and they shook their heads
"Twice a week" she said they shook their heads again
"Four times a week" Regina said "that's my final offer"
"Okay" Angela said
"Weekends without the uniform too" she said
"But some games are in the weekends" Sophie said smiling
"Aauugghhhtt" Regina said stressed, then she took a deep breath and said "fiiiiiiine"
The next day Regina looked herself in the mirror, she had to admit it, she looked gooooood, really good
"Great" Regina told her reflection "I look awesome"
Then she headed, to have breakfast
"Hey cheerleader" Josh said
"Hey jock" Regina answered
She was eating her cereal, when doorbell rang
"I'll go" Regina says and then opens the door
"Hey Jack" she says
"Wow" he says looking at Regina
"Wow, what?" She asked
"You" he answered
"Why wow me" she asks "ooooooooh" then she realizes that she was in a cheerleader uniform, she blushes "why are you here?" She asked
"The girls told me that today you had to be early to school because of some practice or something" he said smiling at Regina
"Okay yeah sure" Regina said
"But you have to be in school in 10 minutes" Jack said
"What?!" Regina asked, she said goodbye to her cousins and closed the door
"What's the real reason you want me to go to school with you early?" Regina asked Jack
"I'm telling you part truth" he said then they entered a his car and left
When they arrived to school only a few people were there, and the jocks were there too
Regina turned towards Jack
"Cheerleaders huh?" She asked Jack, he rolled his eyes
"my friends want to meet you" he said putting his arm around her
she sat next to Jack
"Hot girlfriend" a blonde guy with green eyes said
"I'm not his girlfriend" Regina said frustrated "why does everyone think that?"
"Because you act like so" Damon said
"Not true" Regina said "why does everyone confuse friendship with relationship?"
"Ask my brain" Kevin said, pointing at his head
"What brain?" Jack said "Zombies would ignore you because of your lack of brain"
Regina and the guys laughed, Jack tickled Regina softly
"Stop it" Regina said laughing, but Jack kept tickling her, she punched him in the stomach with her elbow but he didn't flinch, not even a bit
Jack kissed her in the cheek
"Stop it" she repeated laughing harder
"Not a couple, huh?" Damon said, Regina noticed a little bit of jealousy on his tone, Regina sat next to him and kissed him in the cheek
"Not a couple" she assured everyone

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