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Olivia's POV

"Well my name is Bart and I want you girls to come and join magcon" he said

"Sure sounds cool" Amy said

"Sounds fun, why not?" I replied

"Okay, you girls have to pack your stuff because we leave tonight" Bart told us

"Who will look after the house? And our pets?" Amy asked

"We will have people come by and clean them for you girls" he replied

"Okay so are we being picked up?" Amy asked him

"I'm sure one of these gentlemen could pick you girls up, and do you need help packing?" Bart asked us again

"I think I might need help" Amy said while laughing

"Girl you need more then help," I started to say

"Hey, woah I thought we were going to keep that between us" she said while laughing

We were getting weird looks from the guys and Amy told them it was one of our inside jokes.

"Okay I won't ask and me, cam and shawn can help you" a guy with blue eyes said to us while particularly Amy because that girl has alot, and by mean a lot I mean a lot of clothes.

"Ok sounds good and you can meet the rest of the guys later" Bart said while walking out the door

"Okay, while I'm Olivia and Imma going to go pack my clothes and good luck with Amys room" I chuckled at the last part

"Hey why you gotta pick on me bro!" She replied laughing

"Says the one who put kool-aid in the shower head this morning?" I laughed

"So when are we going to get started?" Who I think was cam said

"Yeah Amys room is up here I'll show you since she already ran up there" I replied

"Okay cool I'm Nash that's cam and that's-" I cut him off

"Shawn Mendes? sorry for cutting you off but she really likes your music" I said while blushing

"It no problem and if you want I could help you considering cam and shawn is helping amy?" Nash offered

"Sure, her room is right there" I said while pointing

"Thanks" they replied

I walked towards my room and so did Nash, I walked over to my closet and toke out my suit cases.

"How long are we going to be gone for exactly?" I asked him

"Along time trust me" he laughed

"So I'll need how many suit cases?" I asked laughing

"Probably three considering your a girl and you know you need stuff" he laughed

"I get it, I get it ok can you start with my shirts and stuff in the closet? And I'll do my bras and under wear?" I asked him

"Yup sounds good to me" he said and walked over to my closet and started to fold my shirts

After I had folded my bras and under wear and put them neatly in my suit case I went to go pack my shorts, sweatshirts and track pants. I saw that Nash was done so I put my shirts in my suit cases and it took up about two suit cases so far.

"All done, now what?" He asked

"I'm I need my shoes and ill get my stuff from the bathroom" I replied

"Ok got it captin" he said and I chuckled at the last part

I walked into the bathroom and I was packing my personal stuff when the door bell rang and I heard Cam yell got it! Just as I did so I grab my nerf gun

"NEVER! I WILL AWNSER THE DOOR!" I said while shooting him

"Fine! Fine! I surrender! But if and we probably will have a nerf gun war your on my team" he replied

"Sure" I said and walked to the door

I opened the door to see some guys who I didn't know the names of.

"Hello, I'm Matt and Bart sent us over to get you guys" he said

"Ok while I just have to finish up a few things and I will be down" I noticed them staring at my nerf gun

"What? Did I do something wrong?"I asked them

"No, but why do you have a nerf gun in your hand" Matt asked while laughing

"Oh, yeah I shot Cam because he was going to awnser the door at the same time as me" I said

"Dang girl" he laughed

"Okay I'll be down stairs with Amy, Nash, Cam, and Shawn in a couple of minutes" I said and ran up stairs

I walked up stairs only to see cam with a nerf gun.

"Don-" I was cut off by him shooting me

"Cameron Dallas I swear, if you don't stop I will get you back!" I yelled at him

He stopped after he ran out of bults

I walked into my room and told Nash that matt was here with two other guys.

"I'm going to see if Amys done yet," I told him, he was already carrying my suit cases down how nice

"Ok, and man you have a lot of stuff" he chuckled

"Hey I'm a girl what else am I suppose to do?" I laughed

"Amy are you done?"I asked her

"Yeah it was funny though" she smiled

"Tell me later?" I asked grinning

"Yup" she replied

The guys brought hers and my suit cases down stairs and they wouldn't let us help them. What gentlemen haha.
We walked to Matts car and Nash called shot gun, me and Amy sat in the back with Cam and then some other people sat in the back back.

"Are you girls Excited to come on tour with us?" Matt asked

"Yeah but what are your guys names?" Amy said while pointing behind her

"Oh well I'm Taylor, that's Aaron," Taylor said to us

"Nice to meet you Taylor I'm Amy," she started to say

"And I'm Olivia" I finished

"So what exactly are we going to be doing at magcon?" I asked them

"Just meet fans, and do random stuff on stage" Aaron said

"Cool sounds fun" Amy replied

After about like 20 mins we arrived at their house because we had to wait for the tour bus to come, now this is going to be an awesome summer.

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