Chapter 4: My Lord

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"Explain to me why aren't we traveling by feet again?"

The carriage rattled on the dusty road under my feet swaying me from left to right. We left the Kingdom atleast one and a half hours ago. If we traveled by wolf form, the probability of us being there already was very likely.

"It is unsafe my lord." One of my guards said across from me.

"Do you think I'm incapable of handling my myself?" I understood his concerned but I was the Alpha King, was he not aware of my abilities by now?

"No my lord. We also care about your comfort." the other guard retorted.

"I rather feel the dirt and gravel under my heavy paws than travel in this small death trap but very well." The only thing that satisfied me more than being able to protect all of the werewolves in my kingdom, was the fact I was a werewolf. I love every quality a wolf possessed especially their loyalty.

"I'm sorry my Lord."

"No need for apologizes." I said completely over the subject. "How much longer?"

"We are almost passed the Artemus territory. We just need to tell the Gulara pack we will be passing their territory lines soon." The first guard spoke up.

"You did not ask for permission in advance?" I asked sitting up slightly alarmed.

"No we did my Lord. We just need for them to be reminded incase they feel threatened."

I settled in my seat. I don't think a fight with the people I'll be spending time with is a good idea. They might get the wrong impression of me and I wanted to prove I was not like every other Alpha King alive.

With me on this trip was Rochelle, Kent in a car, and four guards. Since Rochelle and Kent were staying at the Artemus pack, all four guards would staying with me, acting like my personal babysitters.

I left Gary in charge of the castle. He didn't look like he was ready for a trip or to leave his family behind.

I wished I had the option of staying with my family. That sounded more appealing that dealing with filthy mutts that my guards could take out in a heartbeat.

I closed my eyes and relaxed in the carriage seat more waiting for the moment when all I would be addressed by is "My Lord."


I was dressed appropriately for the Alpha King arrival when I should of been searching for a new class. The whole pack were all outside waiting for him. I didn't understand the big deal; he was not giving our pack a honor, he was simply crashing at our place to solve a "problem" my father wasn't allowed to know about.

The least he could of done was to tell my father about the problem so that we could be aware and help but no. He was probably like the Alpha King before him; selfish, rude and old.

I only met the Alpha King before this one once and first impressions weren't his forte. During my family's visit to his castle, a scandal was revealed that he cheated on his mate. Last I heard they were still together.

His carriage, I'm assuming, sped down the dusty road being dragged not by horses but huge werewolves. That was not something I was expecting.

The wolves dropped the carriage reins and growled. Everyone in my pack stepped back in fear and straightened up. My father, the Beta, Ryan and my brother were the only wolves in our pack close to these wolves in size. This was a new sight for all of us.

The wolves in front of us stopped growling before standing up straight infront of the carriage. They held their head up high before bowing at us.

The door of the carriage opened slowly with a creaking. Two muscular men of above average height exited first. They had a very formal outfit so I assumed they were guards. They walked next to the horse-wolves and then raised their heads high before bowing also.

Next to exit was a young kinda builted man with very casual clothing. He walked next to the wolves and guards. They all stood up straighter and as if they are waiting for a comnand.

My entire pack stood still like they were entertained by the scene in front of us. There was a silence among all of us and I was the one to break it.

"Wait.Thats the Alpha King?"

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