Chapter 26

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I don't speak Spanish, I'm usuing google translate.

Your POV
Finals were done, I was leaving tomorrow morning to go on tour and spend the whole summer with Kate. I had taken my SATs and got around 790s on almost all of them. (I did better in English)  The year didn't end badly. I got my math grade up and ended the year with a B+, but I'll need to work on that next year.

Mom and Ma had been on tour for 2 weeks, and Aunt Sofi has been here taking care of us. Aunt Sofi was fucking awesome. She was my best pal. She also loved Kate which was a bonus. I walk into the boys's room to see them all shoving clothes into suitcases.

"Guys, you have to fold them." I say sitting next to Al. He pouts and I dump all of his clothes out. I start helping him, teaching him how to fold because he was 10, and Luke and Mike were struggling, but they eventually got the hang of it.

"Al charge the iPad so you can read on the flight bud. I don't wanna hear complaints about how it's dead and you can't read your book." I say. He nods walking over to his desk plugging his iPad in. One thing about the 4 of us was that we all loved to read.

When it was rainy or just bad weather on a Sunday or something, the 6 of us have spent all day in the living room reading. Those were some of my favorite days. Once I made sure the boys were all packed and had enough clothes I went back to my room, FaceTiming Kate.

"Hey babe." She answers smiling. She has her hair in a messy bun and her glasses resting on the tip of her nose.

"Hey. Are you packed yet?" I ask playing with my computer changer.

"Almost. Should I bring a swimsuit?" She asks. I look up at her and she looks genuinely confused. I let out a little laugh. "Hey! I don't know what to pack I've never been on one of these."

"Yeah. It's awesome. I promise, one thing. I have to warn you that I'm a bit of a sex symbol on tour." I smirk.

She rolls her eyes. "Yeah, I'm sure you are."

"I'm the fucking Camren Child. I'm a pretty big deal." I smirk. Kate scoffs. "I am. The fans love me. I'm 'a perfect mix of two perfect ladies'." I quote what a fan once said to me.

"Do you guys do interviews and stuff?" She asks.

"Sometimes, depending on where we are and who's interviewing. Awesomeness tv follows us around sometimes instead of following our parents." I say.

I loved touring, I loved watching my parents perform, I loved hanging out with some of my best friends in the dressing room where we would all sit around jamming with different instruments. Unfortunately Liam wasn't coming because he had to stay in LA. He was starting his solo career and had to be in the studio.

"Kids! Dinner!" Sofi yells from downstairs.

"Alright baby. I'll see you tomorrow. We'll pick you up at 6:30. I love you." I smile.

She waves and we hang up. I walk downstairs where Aunt Sofi has prepared tacos. We all sit at the table saying a chorus of thank yous as we dig in.

"Alright. I want you guys to sleep relatively early, you're up at 6." Aunt Sofi says.

We eat dinner in relative silence, and then call our birth giver and the other one to say goodnight.

It was only 9:30 but I decided to go to bed anyway.


"Hey babe." I smile as Kate opens her front door. I grab her suitcase and she has a backpack on. She pecks my lips and I lead her to the black escalade.

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